We have a royal origin.  First, God is our Creator.  Second, although He created us human, He willed to share the divine with us.  To explain,
when He created us, He gave us a part of Himself which He formed to be the three main human faculties of our being: First, our human will
which is supposed to be a reflection of God’s Divine Will; second our intelligence which is supposed to be a  reflection of God’s wisdom, and
thirdly, our memory and faculty to love, which is supposed to be a reflection of God’s ever presence and His ever present act, and of His divine
love.  Of these three faculties, the greatest is the will, because of the three, it is the one designed to be the first movement of and to control the
other two human faculties.

It is the same in God, God’s Will is attributed to the Father, and although everything of God comes from the Father, Their intelligence is
representative in the Son; and Their Love and Ever-Presence is representative in the Holy Spirit.  But it is the Father's Will that reigns in the
Holy Trinity and that gives oneness in Their three attributes and life to Their acts.  So the greatest reflection of God in the soul is in the will –
through oneness in God’s Divine Will.  And if God’s order is to be in the soul, the other two attributes must be one with God’s Will, and by being
one in God’s Will, the other two reflect God’s wisdom and love and ever presence.  Therefore, the reflection of God in our three faculties comes
about by being one with His Will: His Divine Will.  When we use those three faculties according to and in His Divine Will in something we are
doing in that moment, which we will call an act, it is His Divine Will that is doing that act, and that act that we do in that moment changes from
human to divine, not because of our own power, but because it was God and His Will doing that act in us (we asked God and His Will to come
into us to do it).  In this way, we come to share in His Divinity in that act.  But just calling God’s Divine Will in us to do an act does not mean that
He will come and do the act; the act that we are about to do MUST first BE His Will before He’ll agree to come into us to do it!

You must know that when God created the human will, He created it to be one with His Divine Will, the two to be ONE sole will: the human fused
in the Divine.  Therefore, we must never want anything different from God’s Divine Will!  This is a true marriage: the two become one, and the
one will that reigns is the DIVINE!  Furthermore, what determines the nature of the act is the will: human or divine; a reigning human will
generates a human act, and a reigning Divine Will generates a divine act.  In summary, we do have a royal origin: In God, and God’s command
‘Let Us make man into Our image and Likeness’, refers to our sharing in His Divinity through God’s three attributes of: His Divine Will, His
wisdom, and His love and Ever-Presence, ordered as they are in Them, through the oneness in His Divine Will.

(This divine web site is dedicated to our Eternal God The Most Holy Trinity, Their Divine Will, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Luisa.)

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