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The WORD of the Eternal Father

God and Mary truly HAVE guided God's Church, the Roman Catholic Church, through holy Scripture, Tradition,
tradition, and the Magisterium.  It is good to dive in to see exactly WHAT they have been saying to us, and ask God
and Mary to 'put the pieces together' in our understanding of it.  

Creation, “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God.” (John 1:1)   
This WORD is the
‘Fiat’, the ‘Yes’ to the Will of the Father that Jesus the Second Person of God spoke in the
Creation Work as we see in Genesis: “Let it be done,” meaning ‘let it be’, or ‘Fiat.’ Thus in Creation, the WORD was
not only the spoken word ‘Fiat’, but also the WORD was GOD: Jesus Christ.

In the
Redemption, the WORD became flesh, was sent to do the Will of the Eternal Father and did so by fulfilling his
two missions: Redeeming humanity from eternal damnation to hell, and reestablishing the Kingdom of Heaven, the
Kingdom of the Divine Will of the Eternal Father on the earth.  The Eternal Father speaks of Jesus the WORD in
Isaiah 55:11: “So shall my WORD be that goes forth from my mouth; my WORD shall not return to me void, but shall
do my Will, achieving the end for which I sent it.”  Thus did Jesus fulfill the Father’s Will.  His last words on the cross
were: ‘It is accomplished.’  Throughout Jesus’ life, He stated why He was here: ‘I have come to do not my Will, but the
Will of the One Who sent Me.’  Jesus states: ‘I have food to eat that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT; my food is to do
the WILL of my FATHER and bring It to completion.’  (reflects Isaiah 55:11) Thus, by always doing and Living in the
Divine Will of the Father, Jesus is the ‘Yes’, the ‘Fiat’ to the Divine Will of the Eternal Father, fulfilling It perfectly in his
humanity and Divinity. Thus this WORD reveals to us what He is: “God’s ‘Yes’”, the ‘Fiat’ to the Father’s Will; and as
such Saint Paul calls Him in the New Testament: “God's 'Yes.'”  Furthermore, this Living ‘FIAT’, this WORD to the Will
of the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ,  the Living WORD, not only pronounced his word ‘Fiat’ to the Father’s Will, but
also spoke in divine Words, and his teachings and many of his Words are recorded for us in the Gospels to teach us
about this Kingdom of Heaven and how to return to It. And in the Gospels, He plainly tells us that He Himself, as the
Second Person of God can do nothing other than the Will of his Father and for that reason alone He came into the
world. And in another place in the Gospels, Jesus states: “I have more to tell you, but you aren’t ready yet.”  Jesus
even teaches us how to ask for the return of this Kingdom of the Will of his Father on the Earth in the Our Father
Prayer: “Your Kingdom come, your Will be done, on Earth as It is in Heaven.”

In the
Sanctification Work, Jesus’ WORD is so important that the Eternal Father and Jesus sent THEIR HOLY SPIRIT
to remind and clarify Jesus’ WORDS to us, pointing at Jesus’ Words in the Gospel, telling us Their teachings, to help
us grow in sanctity that we may be prepared to live in this Kingdom of the Divine Will of the Eternal Father. The Holy
Spirit today is pointing at, reminding us and clarifying all the statements that Jesus made regarding the Will of his
Father and other events that point at Jesus being the ‘FIAT’ to the Will of the Father, including other statements in
sacred scripture in the Old Testament.  Among these statements is the statement by the Eternal Father Himself
regarding His Son, the WORD: “LISTEN TO HIM!” that He speaks at the Transfiguration of His Son, stating that we
must listen to His Son’s WORDs because they will transform us into Their Image and Likeness.  And even the Blessed
Virgin Mary at the Wedding at Cana tells us the same thing: “Do whatever He tells you,” meaning: ‘Listen to him!’  And
by doing so, the wedding party had the best wine ever! Which they respond something like: ‘The best wine was
served at the end!’  Well, how true; in the end of times, God serves the best wine of all: The Gift of Living in the Will of
the Eternal Father by pronouncing and living our ‘Fiat’ to His Will like Jesus and Mary did, by learning from them how
to live in this such holy Kingdom of the Will of the Eternal Father on Earth as It is lived in Heaven.

In the following traditions, God and Mary have guided us by directly pointing at the
‘Fiat’ to the Will of the Father
that Jesus and Mary gave, and Its importance, in: The Angelus, and the Hail Mary prayer in the Most Holy Rosary.  In
Angelus (click here), Mary gives her “Fiat” to the Will of the Father and behold, the Incarnation of God in
man from the union of two “Fiat”s: God’s and Mary’s.  Thus, through a creature’s ‘Fiat’ to the Will of the Father, a
Divine Life is conceived, Jesus Christ, the WORD, the ‘FIAT’ to the Will of the Eternal Father! And the first part of the
Hail Mary prayer, which comes from the Annunciation, also points at Mary’s “Fiat” to the Will of the Eternal Father,
which as a result: The Incarnation of God in Mary.  After this part in the Hail Mary, is the scene from the Visitation,
which points at Mary’s obedience to God’s commanded Will. It also points at Mary as the Living Eucharist, veiling God,
Jesus Christ, within her, and according to God’s Will brings Him to others. Thus, God can form a creature who lives in
the Will of the Father to be a Living Eucharistic Host, veiling Him within.  

In the
DIVINE WILL VOLUMES and WRITINGS through Luisa Piccarreta, Jesus Christ speaks to us as
who He is: the
WORD, the fIAT, in which Jesus teaches us how to Live the WORD ‘FIAT’ to the Will of the Eternal
Father as He and Mary did, and how to live in the Divine Kingdom of the Will of the Eternal Father to Whom we give
and live the Word 'FIAT'. In these writings, He states that
He fused His own DIVINE LIFE into His WORDS so that
whoever reads them
(and is correctly disposed), will absorb His own Divine Life into himself. These WORDS
of Jesus Christ are LIFE, JESUS' own DIVINE LIFE.
 Jesus Christ calls these writings: The “New Gospel of the
Kingdom of my Divine Volition
,” Vol. 24 Aug 23, 1928, and states:

"The truths about my 'Fiat' are the “New Gospel of the Kingdom of my Divine Volition”, in which creatures
will find the norms, the sun, the teachings of how to ennoble oneself, elevate oneself to their origin and
take the state given to them by God in the beginning of Creation.  They will find the Gospel, which taking
them by the hand, will conduct them into the true happiness, in the constant peace.  The only law will be
my Will, which with Its paintbrush of love dipped in the live colors of Its light, will restore man to the
likeness of his Creator."

Thus Jesus is trying to form His Kingdom on the Earth, the Kingdom of the Divine Will of his Father, as He
taught us to ask for in the Our Father Prayer: "Our Father, ... Your Kingdom Come, your WILL be done on
Earth as It is in Heaven."

These writings MUST be STUDIED by us. (Vol. 31)  Don't expect the Kingdom of the Divine Will to just fall in your lap
without STUDYING IT!  And supernatural abilities are not a sign of one being in the Kingdom of Heaven! (Even the
demons have such abilities.)

Just as
St. John Bosco in his vision of the Church in troubled waters saw the two pillars leading and guiding Her to
safety: the
Most Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary, may Jesus and Mary bless us all and continue to
reveal to everyone possible - these Divine Truths of the Will of the Eternal Father, that there be a correct discernment
in this time of high waters of what it means to live in GOD'S Divine Will. First, God's Divine Will refers to the
GOD the Most Holy Trinity, in which the Eternal Father
is the Head, and is the final Authority. Any other will
different from this is not the Will of God. Souls belong to God directly; He has full rights over them!  Second, another
sensitive area in this time is 'sacrifice, sacrifice will save the world, (and) this is an era of love'.  Yes, and no.  Be
careful, the sacrifice you should be concerned about is sacrificing your human will to GOD'S DIVINE WILL, not to
someone else who thinks they know what God's Will for you is.  Even a priest CANNOT consecrate you as a Host to
be offered at Holy Mass with Jesus Christ as he does with the bread and wine in the Consecration at Holy Mass.  
Jesus states this clearly in
Volume 12, June 20, 1918. Jesus states: " I arrive to such jealousy of love that if I give the
power to priests to consecrate Me in the Sacramental Hosts in order that I may give Myself to souls, instead these
ones, ...
I Myself reserve the privilege to Me to consecrate these souls; and what the priest does over the
host, I do with them."  Jesus also states in other Divine Will Volumes that He and Mary are the King and Queen of the
Kingdom of the Divine Will.  And in
Volume 29 May 31, 1931, the Feast of the Visitation, He states that He and Mary
will direct and guide a soul in this holy Kingdom once she has firmly decided to make It reign in herself, and that they
WON’T CEDE to anyone else to do so since they were the first ones to have made It reign in themselves on the
Earth.  Talk about the new Adam and Eve!!!  FIAT, ETERNAL FATHER !!!  

Another misunderstanding is that you must give your 'fiat' to everyone. No! You give your 'Fiat' to God, and be careful
of anything that may be asked of you in your interior.
Stand firm on the divine truths that God has given us in
the Roman Catholic Church and in sacred Scripture and in the Divine Will writings by Luisa.
 Remember you
must fulfill your obligations to God first, which is more important than every idea of sacrifice.  Recall that Jesus Christ
fought Satan in the desert, and that Satan knew Scripture very well and used it to tempt Jesus.  Jesus responded with
divine truths in Scripture that had a firmer foundation and must never be changed, compared to the Scripture verses
that Satan was quoting him; for
there is a hierarchy of truths.  Which, by the way, we must know scripture BETTER
than Satan!!!  Recall the revelation of the Incarnation of God to Lucifer and the Angels, and how they became
jealous; not just of God becoming man, but even more so of man becoming Like God, into His Image and Likeness.
No wonder he was after
Mary, not only would she conceive a God become man, but she herself as God’s
Masterpiece of Living perfectly in the Will of the Eternal Father,
most perfectly became 'Like God.'   Those
seeking the Divine Will of the Eternal Father must be careful not to go against the Divine Truths written in the Divine
Will Volumes and writings through Luisa Piccarreta. Recall that Mary stated in the book,
The Blessed Virgin Mary in
the Kingdom of the Divine Will
, that she was 'terrified' all of her life of falling into the maze of her human will
because she saw that she was in the same state as Adam and Eve before they fell into sin, and how EASY it would
have been to fall!  This is why it is so necessary that we
STUDY the DIVINE WILL VOLUMES and writings, (and the
and remember what is written above from Vol. 29 May 31, 1931, so to be able to do and live in God's Will
correctly and not fall into sin.  Remember, Jesus wanted to suffer the crucifixion to save souls, but He knew that He
had to first fulfill the Will of His Father on the Earth, the missions that the Father gave him.  
Obedience to the Will
of the Eternal Father is above sacrifice!
 As much that you may want to suffer for a cause or someone, be
Always say to God:  “I want God's 'willed-Will' only!”  Because God's Will may be His 1) 'willed-Will',
meaning what He wills, or His 2) 'permissive Will' which means that the act is sin and God decides not to intervene to
stop it, so He permits it, but its still sin.  For in reality, all that is created is in God's Will, but few accept the Will of the
Eternal Father (His 'willed-Will) and make It reign in themselves. May
Jesus and Mary, the King and Queen of the
Kingdom of the Divine Will
, bless us in superabundance, with the Most Holy Trinity, and Luisa, that we may not fall.
FIAT!   And pray for our Holy Mother Church, the Roman Catholic Church, that God and Mary may continue to bless
Her richly, especially in Her understanding of the Divine Will of the Eternal Father!   ‘Our Father….,  Hail Mary…..,  
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,

(Vol. 27) (Luisa:) "... Wanting to reorder all the created intelligences in order [before] God, from the first to the last
man that will come upon the earth; I was saying: “I put my I love You upon each thought of each creature, so that in
each thought I close the dominion of the Divine Fiat upon each intelligence.”  But while I was doing that, I was
thinking to myself: “How can I arrive to put like a pearl my 'I love You' on each thought of the creature?” And my
sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, said to me:

“My daughter, with my Volition you are able [to do] everything and you can arrive to everything.  Now, you must know
Adam, before the sin, in each of his thoughts that he was doing, in every look, word, work, step, heartbeat, he
was giving to God his act and God was giving to the man his continued act.  So, the conditions of his were to always
give to his Creator and to always receive.  There was such harmony between Creator and creature, that they were
not able to remain apart if one wasn’t giving and the other wasn’t receiving in order to re-give again his act, be it
even a thought, a look.  So, each thought of man was looking for God, and God was running to fill his thought of
grace, of sanctity, of light, of life, of Divine Will.  It is possible to say that the smallest act of man was loving and
acknowledging He Who had given him life, and God was loving in return reciprocating him with His love and by
making His Divine Life grow in every little and big act of the man.  He was incapable of receiving all together the
Divine Life; he was too narrow, and God was giving It to him sip by sip in every act that he was doing for love of Him,
taking delight in always giving to him in order to form in him His Divine Life.  Therefore, every thought and act of the
man was pouring into God, and God was pouring into him.  This was the true order of creation: To find in man, in
each of his acts, his Creator, in order [for God] to be able to give His light and what He had established to give him.  
Our Divine Will that was in Us and in him was acting as Bearer of the one and the other, and forming in him the full
day, It was putting in commune the goods of the one and of the other.  
How happy were the conditions of man
when Our Divine Fiat was reigning in him!
 It can be said that he was growing upon Our knees, attached to Our
chest from where he was drawing the growth and his formation.

Behold, that is why I want that in my Divine Volition every act of creature have your 'I love You', in order to call back
the order between Creator and creature, because
you must know that man, by sinning, not only rejected Our
but also broke the love towards He Who had loved him so much, [and] put himself at [a] distance with his
Creator; and love that is far is not able to form life, because true love feels the need to be fed of the love of He Who
loves and to stay so near, that it results to be impossible for him to separate himself.  So, the life of love created by
Us in the creating of man, remained without food and almost dying; what’s more, each human act that he was doing
without Our Divine Will, were so many nights that he was forming in his soul: If he was thinking, it was night that he
was forming, if he was looking, speaking and other, everything was darkness that was forming an obscure night.  
Without my Fiat, there is not able to be day nor sun, at the most, some little flame that with difficulty marks the road
for his step.  
Oh, if they knew what it means to live without my Divine Volition!  Even if they weren’t bad, and
do some good, the human will is always night for the soul, that oppresses her, embitters her, makes her feel
the weight of life.  So, be attentive, don’t let anything escape you that doesn’t enter into my Divine Fiat, [this]
will make you feel the full day that will restitute to you the order of the creation, will call back the harmony
that will put into vigor the continual giving of your acts and the continued receiving of your Creator.  And
embracing all the human family, you will be able to implore that the order of how they were created return,
that the night of the human will ceases and rises to the full day of my Divine Will.”
 Vol. 27  Nov. 30, 1929
“My daughter, when I speak, lights of truth go forth, and I want it to be accepted and caressed by the soul. If this
light comes to be accepted and put in [the] place of honor in her interior, it calls another light of it, so that one calls
another of it; [if] diversely, it returns to its fount.   And when the soul returns to read them, if they are written, and to
ponder them, my truths are like the beaten iron, that by beating it the iron becomes lit and casts forth sparks of light.  
Instead, if it isn’t beaten, the iron is hard, black and frozen metal.  It is the same of my truths: If the soul reads them
and rereads to suck the substance that is inside of my truths that have been communicated to her soul, it symbolizes
the iron, the black and its cold, she remains on fire, and by pondering them she gives blows upon herself who has
received the good of hearing my truth, which [the truth], feeling honored, casts forth sparks of light of other truths.

But if my manifested truths are put into oblivion nor put in [the] place of honor, they remain like buried.  But the
living are not buried, because they are light that possess and bear life; so time will come, because they are not
subject to die,
that others will make treasures [of them] and will condemn those who have held them in
oblivion and like buried.
 If you knew how much light there is in all that I have manifested to you about my
Divine Will, and how much other light would spark forth if they were read and reread,
you yourself would
remain eclipsed and marvelled of the great good that they would do.”  Vol. 27  Dec. 24, 1929

"To doubt of my Will and of what I told you about my Supreme Volition is the most absurd thing that could happen.  The
doctrine of my Will is more than crystalline water, taken from the limpid fount of my Divinity.  It is more than refulgent
sun that illuminates and warms.  It is a most terse mirror, that whoever will have the great good of being able to look at
himself in this celestial and divine doctrine will remain shaken and will feel in himself all the good will to purify himself
from his stains to be able to drink this celestial doctrine in large gulps, and in this way remain embellished by Its divine

You must know the cause, the 'why' the Divine Wisdom and Omnipotence wanted to pronounce the 'Fiat' in Creation.  
He could have created all things without saying a word, but since He wanted His Will to hover over all things, and these
receive the virtue and the goods that It contains, He pronounced the Fiat, and while He was pronouncing It, It was
communicating the prodigies of Its Volition so that all things would have my Will for life, for regime, for example and for
teacher.  My daughter, since the first word of your God that resounded in the vault of the Heavens was the 'Fiat', He
didn't say another.  That means that everything was in that 'Fiat'.  With the 'Fiat' He was creating everything,
constituting everything, was ordering everything, enclosing everything, tying all of Its goods for the good of all those
who wouldn't have gone outside from His Eternal Fiat.  And when, after having created everything, I wanted to create
man.  I did nothing other than repeat the 'Fiat' like kneading him with my same Will.  And after, I added: 'Let's make
man to Our image and likeness.  
In virtue of Our Volition, he will maintain Our likeness integral and will conserve
Our image beautiful and intact.'
 Note then, that the Uncreated Wisdom, as if He didn't know how to say anything
other than 'Fiat', wanted to pronounce It, this such sublime lesson was so necessary to everyone.  And this 'Fiat' still
hovers over all the created as conservator of my same works, and as in act to descend upon the earth to invest man
and to enclose him another time in Itself, so that there, where he went forth, that is,
having gone forth from my
Volition, in my same Volition he returns
, because it is my Will that all things created by Me return upon the same
road where they went forth, so that they return to Me beautiful, decorous and carried as in triumph by my same Will.

So, of all that I told you about my Will, this has been my purpose: that my Will be known and come to reign upon the
earth.  And what I said will be; I will overturn everything to obtain this; but
everything must return to Me in that word:
.  'Fiat' God said, and 'Fiat' man must say.  In all of his things, he will not have anything else other than the echo
of my 'Fiat', the seal of my 'Fiat', the works of my 'Fiat', so that I am able to give the goods that my Will contains, and in
this way I will obtain the complete purpose of all of Creation.  So, I have put Myself to the work to make known the
effects, the value, the goods and the sublime things that my Volition contains, and how the soul, tracing the same road
of my Fiat, will remain so sublimated, divinized, sanctified, enriched, as to stupefy Heaven and earth in seeing the
portent of my Fiat operating in the creature, because in virtue of my Will, new graces never gone forth will go forth from
Me, light that is more refulgent, unheard-of never seen before portents.  I do like a teacher when he teaches his
disciple the sciences that he knows.  If he teaches his disciple, it is because he wants to make another teacher like
himself.  I will do the same.  If my sublime lesson was my first word 'Fiat', my prayer that I taught was the 'Fiat as in
Heaven so on earth'.  Now, having passed to give to you, more diffused, more clear, more sublime lessons about my
Will, it is because I want the disciple to acquire not only the science of It, but becoming teacher, not only teach the
others but also acquire my properties and my goods, my joys and my same happiness.  So, be attentive and faithful to
my teachings, and don't ever shift yourself from my Will."  Vol. 16 May 24, 1924

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The holy faith of the faithful can give testimony to God's Work.  As in Our Lady of Guadalupe, thousands upon thousands of
faithful went to the SHRINE every year (built just for Her Image) (in Mexico City) to see Her, even walking on their knees, all
BEFORE the Church approved the apparition or beatified Juan Diego.  FIAT
“God created man to be in constant communication."   Vol. 14  Nov. 20, 1922o
"It was necessary [my Divine Will] take absolute dominion in my humanity and have Its Life free in all of my acts, in
order to be able to extend Its Kingdom like It was wanting in my humanity.  So, all that I was doing: Works, prayers,
breaths, heartbeat and suffering, were bonds, knotting of the Kingdom of my Fiat with creatures.  I was
representing the new Adam, Who not only was supposed to give the remedies to save them, but also was
supposed to remake, restitute what the old Adam lost. So, it was necessary to take the human nature in order to be
able to enclose in it what the creature had lost, and through my means regive It again.
It was justice that my
Divine Will have a human nature at Its disposition, and that it oppose It in nothing, in order to be able to
extend again Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.
 Much more so, a human nature had taken away Its rights to
reign, it was necessary for another to restore Its rights.

my coming upon the earth wasn't only for the Redemption, rather the primary purpose was to
form the Kingdom of my Will in my humanity in order to re-give It to creatures.
 If that wasn't so, my coming
upon the earth would be an incomplete work nor worthy of a God Who no less was not able to restore the work of
Creation, the order as it went forth from Our creative hands, that is, Our Will must reign in everything.
Vol. 21 3/16/27  
"Therefore, the Kingdom of my Will is formed, nothing else remains than to make It known."  (Vol. 23  March
11, 1928)
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The stone that the builders rejected has not only become the cornerstone, but the very LIFE of
God's holy divine Church!  The
Divine Fiat of God is Jesus Christ Himself, just as the Blessed
Virgin Mary is the Immaculate Conception.  The Divine Life of this Divine Fiat is enclosed in the
divine truths written in the Divine Will Volumes through Luisa Piccarreta, which Jesus Christ
stated He fused his OWN Divine Life into His Words.  We remember Jesus' Words in Vol 29 May
31, 1931 and in Vol. 12 June 20, 1918 as mentioned above in this article regarding WHO is to
guide and direct these souls in the Divine Will, and WHO will consecrate them.