Luisa's Confessor,  the now Saint Hannibal di Francia, or in Italian Annibale Maria di Francia,
published thousands of copies and several editions of one of Luisa's writings: the Hours of the
Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the Founder of the Rogationist Order and Daughters of
Divine Zeal.  He was canonzied a saint on May 16, 2004, and a statue of him was sculptured and
placed in Vatican Square in July 2010, and blest by Pope Benedict XVI.  Luisa speaks of him in the
Divine Will writings.  Thanks be to God for another step in God's Divine Will for the glorification of
His Divine Will and His Divine Fiat.
Luisa writes of Saint Hannibal and the House of the Divine Will on the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary:

"Here in Corato was founded a house willed and begun by the venerable memory of the venerable Canonical Father Annibale Maria di Francia (Hannibal
Mary of France)*, which his children, faithful to the will of their founder, have executed and given the name
‘House of the Divine Will’, like the
venerable Father wanted, who wanted that I enter into that house. And his sons and daughters, by their goodness, the first day that they opened it, the
reverend mothers came to take me, and they conducted me into a room, which opening the door of that room, I see the Tabernacle, [and] I hear the Holy
Mass.  I am truly under the gazes of my Sacramental Jesus.  Oh, how happy I feel that from now on, if Jesus wants me to continue to write, I will write
always having one eye on the Tabernacle and the other on the paper on which I write!

…So, having to open this house, people were seen, sisters, children, a long road of people all in movement.  I was feeling all impressed, and my sweet
Jesus, moving in my interior, said to me:

"My daughter, this nucleus of people that you see, all in movement for the opening of the House of my Divine Will, is symbol of that nucleus of people
when I wanted to be born in Bethlehem, and the shepherds went; coming to visit Me, little Baby Boy.  This was pointing to everyone at the certainty of my
birth.  In the same way, this nucleus of people all in movement, points at the rebirth of the
Kingdom of my Divine Will…I recognize in this nucleus of
people, of children and sisters, the beginning of the Kingdom of my Divine Will.  Oh, how my Heart exults and rejoices, and all of Heaven celebrates!  Just
as the Angels celebrated my birth, so too they celebrate the beginning of
the rebirth of my Fiat in the midst of creatures…In the beginning of my
Volition, not only is there a nucleus of foreign sisters and children, a people who run to celebrate the opening, but also there is an archbishop and priests
representatives of my Church.  This is symbol and announcement to everyone that the
Kingdom of my Divine Volition will be formed with more
magnificence, with greater pomp and splendor than the very Kingdom of my Redemption, and everyone, king and princes, bishops and priests, and people,
will know the
Kingdom of my Fiat and will possess It.  So, you too celebrate this day, in which my and your longings and sacrifices of making known
my Divine Will see the first dawning, and hope that immediately the Sun of my Divine Fiat rise.

Therefore, the evening had arrived on this day consecrated to the Queen of the Rosary, Queen of Victories and of Triumphs.  This is another beautiful
sign, that
just as the Sovereign Lady won her Creator and linking Him with her chains of love, drew Him from Heaven
onto earth in order to make Him form the Kingdom of the Redemption, in the same way the sweet and powerful crown
of her Rosary will make her victorious and triumphant again towards the Divinity, of conquering
the Kingdom of the
Divine Fiat
to make It come in the midst of creatures."

Volume 25   October 7, 1928  Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary