The Sacred Temple of God Within You

“We must hold Our dwelling place in him, and therefore Our Will dominating and operating…remaining with him in INTIMATE
conversation….We have no other aim upon creatures, NOR OTHER SACRIFICE, BUT for them TO  DO  OUR  WILL.”
(Divine Will Volume 30, Dec 14, 1931)

But thou when thou shalt pray, enter into thy chamber, and having shut the door, pray to thy Father in secret: and thy Father who
in secret will repay thee.
Mt 6:6

Your interior is sacred and to be shared with GOD alone.   In Baptism, we become a Temple of the Holy Spirit.  This is GOD’s holy
place to be with you, to speak to you and you to Him.  Do NOT open the doors of your interior to anyone else.  Let God (or the
Blessed Virgin Mary) in their Divine Will, or just the Divine Will of God-His willed-Will ONLY, lead you to any interior operating in the
Divine Will, whether that may include another or not; and don't expect anyone else.  Make sure everything is willed-Will of God-only,
always.  We have known from Holy Scripture and the Roman Catholic Church that spiritual communication is possible, beginning with
ourselves to God and to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to those according to God’s willed-Will such as to the Saints and to God’s holy
Angels.  Unfortunately, the fallen angels have such an ability also, meaning Satan and his cohort, and others appear to be tapping into
it.  And even many priests today, who abusing their priestly powers, have managed to fall into this trap of satanic spiritual
communications and are sharing it with others, and using it to encourage people to offer themselves in sacrifice to pay for sins. But
this is wrong, because souls belong to God and God will guide them.  And entering into their interior or into their midst, or operating
upon them, is against God’s willed-Will.  May all of our spiritual communications only be to GOD and to those who He wills, and only
according to God’s willed-Will. Fiat!  We must be attentive to ensure this.  We must be attentive in determining where our thoughts
come from: From God and those who pertain to His willed-Will, or from another, that is – from an evil act coming from one who is
not doing God’s willed-Will, and this includes any being with such an ability to communicate spiritually.  If you have a thought that you
don’t like, DON’T ACCEPT IT. Period. We are not obligated to accept something that isn’t from God, for we know that the evil one is
constantly trying to deceive us and get us to do a sinful act. And just because it may sound like a holy idea, doesn’t make it a willed-
Will act of God for us.  Remember also, Satan knows more of Holy Scripture than most people.  Recall Jesus Christ’s temptation in
the desert.  Satan tempted Jesus with quotes from Holy Scripture!  And Jesus responded back with quotes from Holy Scripture-but
quotes that had a higher relevance.  Thus, we need to know Holy Scripture, know the Divine Will writings, and ask God for the gift of
holy discernment and attentiveness, and above all-for the Gift of Living in His most Holy Divine Will.

Therefore, if you are aware of a spiritual communication that isn’t from God, cast it out and ‘will’ to cast out all that isn’t from God,
and CLOSE THE DOORS more firmly in order to be with God alone! And re-consecrate yourself to God and His willed-Will.  And
even if your spouse or best friend should acquire such an ability-if ever it be-KEEP THE DOORS TO YOUR INTERIOR CLOSED!  
You and your interior belong to GOD alone.  God has given us the Blessed Virgin Mary as our holy Mother, but even here-there are
some apparitions and communications that in reality are false and from a rebellious act to God’s willed-Will, no matter how much
‘good will’ may seem to exist. And don’t be quick to accept pictoral communications either.  
Remember, God states in the Divine
Will writings that only HE and the Blessed Virgin Mary herself will guide and direct souls, and they won’t cede to anyone
else! (Vol. 29 May 31, 1931
My feast day when I pronounced my Vows.)  If God or the Blessed Virgin Mary ‘will’ a communication
or act from another being regarding us, they may ‘will’ it apart from the ordinary-that is, according to God’s willed-Will.  Recall that’s
how the Blessed Virgin Mary received God’s Word-through the Archangel Gabriel.  Therefore, just stand on the basics of GOD’s
TRUTHS, ie: the highest relevant WORD OF GOD in Holy Scripture and in the Divine Will writings, and LIVE IN THE DIVINE WILL
OF GOD.  The basics of God’s Truths include not only Holy Scripture and the Divine Will writings, but also Roman Catholic Tradition
and traditions, and Dogma in the Church.  STAND ON all of THESE TRUTHS and survive and overcome with GOD and the Blessed
Virgin Mary - the evil deceptions. AND PRAY, and PRAY THE MOST HOLY ROSARY of the Blessed Virgin Mary (a Roman Catholic
tradition).  The Roman Catholic Church also gives us the Saints and the Blessed in Heaven, and His holy Angels, to whom we can pray
for help.

We also have certain true revelations to God-fearing people in the Church who submit themselves and their revelations to the Church,
as well as the following decree issued by a pope that allows us to propagate certain revelations, but of course, holy discernment and
God’s willed-Will are necessary.  

The Decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (A. A. S. n. 58-18 del 29 dicembre 1966) that abrogates the canons
1399 and 2318, was approved by His Holiness Paul VI October 14, 1966, came then to be published by will of His Holiness himself, by
which it is no longer prohibited to spread without the imprimatur writings regarding new apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies
and miracles.

Children of God, you probably already know, but in case you don’t, Satan and his cohort are VERY active today and they have arrived
to deceive many, many people, including other children of the Divine Will, bishops, priests, religious, and many faithful. And much of
this deception arrives to reach us through our interior.  Therefore, we must keep the doors to our interior closed and be attentive, and
pray and do acts in the Divine Will to ensure this.  Thanks be to God for the Divine Will writings and Holy Scripture and other
revelations in the Church about God’s Kingdom of His Will that is coming to the earth to reign, including as manifested in the Our
Father Prayer: “Your Kingdom come, your Will be done on earth, as It is in Heaven.”  Below are several excerpts of manifestations of
this Kingdom to come, which support God’s work of His Divine Will in Luisa Piccarreta, manifested through the now deceased
Reverend Stefano Gobbi, words from the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP).  

In the following, we have the comforting words of the Blessed Virgin Mary our Mother to explain to us what is happening, and
not to
be discouraged, but to be aware that GOD and Mary are preparing for the REIGN of the Kingdom of His Divine Will of God
on the earth.  

In the following, the Blessed Virgin Mary speaks of spiritual evils. The communications of these spirits are from subtle to persistently
strong.  You need to be able to recognize them in order to cast them away from you.  Do not speak to them.  You must NOT accept
anything of what they tell you, fuse in you, etc. Now, from words of our Blessed Mother Mary that She gave to her Marian Movement
of Priests, in her book:  

MMP # 486)
“The great trial has come for all of you,…so threatened by Satan and stricken by the evil spirits…Now sin is no longer
considered an evil; indeed it is often exalted as a thing of value, and as something good…O my children, so threatened and
so ill, accept my motherly urging to return to the Lord along the way of conversion and of repentance.  Recognize sin as the
greatest of evils. If you should happen to commit it…have recourse quickly to Confession.  Let frequent Confession be the
remedy which you make use of against the spread of sin and evil. The great trial has come for the Church, so violated by the
evil spirits, … Apostasy is spreading everywhere.  A special gift of my Immaculate Heart for these times of yours is the
Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

(And the writings of the Divine Will through Luisa Piccarreta, the Divine Will of God with the divine acts that you do in It,
and Divine Will truths given by others such as on this divine site.)

“If the great trial has come, the time has also come for all to hasten into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart.  Do not
lose courage.  Be strong in trust and confidence…In the end, after the time of the great trial, there awaits you the time of
great peace, great joy, great holiness, the time of the greatest triumph of God in your midst.”
“In these dark times of the great tribulation, if you do not allow yourselves to be carried in my arms, with filial abandonment and with
great docility, it is difficult for you to succeed in escaping the subtle snares which my Adversary sets for you.  His seductions have
become so dangerous and subtle, that hardly anyone any longer succeeds in escaping them.  You are running the great danger of falling
into the seduction, which my Adversary is setting for you in order to draw you away from Jesus and from me.

 All can fall into his trap.
 Priests and even bishops can fall into it.
 The faithful and even those consecrated can fall into it.
 The faithful and even those consecrated can fall into it.
 The simple and even the learned can fall into it.
 The disciples and even the masters can fall into it.
 Those who will never fall into it who-as little children-consecrate
       themselves to my Immaculate Heart and allow themselves to be carried in
       my motherly arms.”

“If Jesus becomes your life, you come into the arms of his, and your, Heavenly Father.  If you walk with Jesus, you carry out the
Divine Will in your life, with that love and that docility with which Jesus has always done the Will of the Father.  And thus you live
with the confidence and the abandonment of little children who expect and receive everything as a gift of love from their Father who is
in Heaven.”  

(487)     “In the Temple of my Immaculate Heart, I offer you to the perfect glory of the Most Holy and Divine Trinity.  I
offer you to the glory of the Father, who takes delight in you, and I lead you, at each moment of your life, to do his
with love, docility, and filial abandonment.  Thus as in Heaven, so also on this earth, the Heavenly Father is glorified
and his name is adored and sanctified. I offer you to the glory of the Son, who pours out upon you the torrents of his divine
mercy, to wipe away every shadow of evil and sin from your soul; who imprints there his image as the Only-begotten Son of
the Father; and who associates you in his divine splendor, so as to make of you yourselves light for revelation to all the
gentiles…I offer you to the glory of the Holy Spirit, who gives Himself to you…I am obtaining for you His seven holy gifts,
which give you vigor and constancy, courage and strength, zeal and perseverance .”

“The gravest danger is that of succumbing to the seduction of the world in which you live; of becoming the victim of sin and
evil…And so I have manifested myself to you as the Immaculate Conception, that is, as the only creature who has never known the
shadow of sin, not even original sin…I have directed to you my motherly invitation to walk along the way of goodness and grace, of
purity and humility, of love and of an ever greater holiness. I have also asked you to make use of those means which are indispensable
for walking along this difficult road:
Penance and the Sacrament of Reconciliation…Another danger which threatens you is that of
allowing yourself to be taken up with inordinate activity, and so forgetting the powerful force which prayer has in obtaining the grace
of conversion for many of my poor sinful children. And so I have invited you to pray much for the conversion of sinners, … the most
efficacious prayer, the prayer which is most preferred by me, is that of the
Holy Rosary.  And lastly, there is the continual danger of
falling ill, of allowing yourself to be seized by discouragement and lack of confidence, thus reducing you to a true spiritual impotence.”

Also, God’s greatest mercy and GIFT to humanity, is the GIFT of Living in His Divine Will.  In it, your acts are divine since
it is God and His Divine Will that is operating in you.  So when you pray the Rosary, pray it IN THE DIVINE WILL, offering
to God what His Divine Will did in Jesus and Mary through the Divine FIAT of God, which is the foundation of the Hail Mary
prayer. FIAT.

Also, in this time, the writer of this divine site urges you to CLOSE and keep closed the doors to your interior!  Meaning, don’t listen to
nor pay attention to any possible messages.  Cast it away from you.  (The best way is by operating in the Divine Will of God!)  This is
one of the reasons why Jesus Christ had to come: To tell the Truth because too many voices and the world and mixed ideas of sanctity
were deceiving people.  And today, that’s what’s happening.
No one, except God and the Blessed Virgin Mary herself-and she will
come in God, has the right to enter into your interior or to operate upon you-no priest, no bishop, no pope, not even another
child of the Divine Will (unless a specific willed-Will act of God, but that would be out of the ordinary since God & Mary are
the only ones designated by God to directly lead and guide souls including souls in the Divine Will. (Vol. 29 May 31, 1931)

(outside of the Sacraments and what God has done in His Roman Catholic Church such as Tradition, tradition, Dogma, and truths
presented through the Magisterium).  Depend ONLY on GOD’S WORD, for that is Who Jesus Christ is. And that WORD is in the
Gospels, in holy Scripture, in the Divine Will writings, in the writings of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.  Nonetheless,
the time is NOW to do interior and exterior housecleaning of your being. Ask God and the Blessed Virgin Mary to show you what and
where, if it is needed within you. In addition and best of all, do it IN the Divine Will as God and Mary lead you by the hand.  
Remember, once a person has firmly decided to make the Divine Will of God reign in them, Jesus and Mary will direct and guide you
and they won’t let anyone else to do so. (Vol. 29 May 31, 1931)
Furthermore, NEVER accept or let anyone offer you in sacrifice at
the Holy Mass.  Jesus states in the Divine Will Volumes that He alone will consecrate souls in the Divine Will and He won’t
even cede this right to his priests. (Volume 12)
 If you suspect that someone has, just say ‘no’ in a prayer to God.  In this way,
you defend God’s rights in your soul and give Him full control over you.  Truly, the Divine Will of God is the safe refuge.

Since Satan and his cohort and the other evil spirits are considering themselves to be God and are also imitating the Blessed Virgin
Mary, even though you in your prayers address God or her, and since many also think that they are the Divine Will Itself, the below
titles they can never acclaim for themselves:

“God the Holy Trinity is the One True GOD, and the only Uncreated God from all of eternity before everyone and
everything was created”!!!
 The Holy Spirit may inspire you how and when to use this in your prayers if necessary.
And you may refer for now, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, as
“the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother & Queen of the Divine Will, the
original only, and in the Eternal Father of the Most Holy Trinity, the Uncreated God from all of eternity before everyone and
everything was created.”

And refer to the Divine Will of God as
the willed-Will of God-of God the Holy Trinity Who is the One True GOD, and the
only Uncreated God from all of eternity before everyone and everything was created”!!!

You should also have holy water in every room, in the car, and on your person if you like. If you have blest images of the Sacred
Hearts of Jesus and Mary, make sure you call the Divine Will of God using the above way-to bless them.  And keep holy water blest in
the Divine Will of God at those images also. Fiat, Pater Aeternus, Fiat Voluntas Tua!!!!

The Blessed Virgin Mary continues in her book to the Marian Movement of Priests, in excerpts referring to the Divine Will
of God:

“The power of the will sets you on the way of always doing his Divine Will…Jesus…fulfills again today his divine mission of doing the
Will of the Father: ‘I have come, O God, to do your Will.  Not my Will but yours be done.”  
(# 377)

“My soul was filled with grace, and its powers were always directed to carrying out the divine plan in a perfect way.  My mind was
opened to seek and love the
Will of God, and my Heart was impelled, with joy and complete abandonment, to fulfill only the Divine

This is the road which today I want to point out to you also, for you to journey along, if you wish to follow your heavenly Mother in
her plan of immaculate purity and of sanctity.  

Will of God: this is where, even for you, sanctification is achieved!  It is the Will of God that, in your lives, you walk along the
road of an ever more perfect knowledge of Him.  Let the WORD of God be the daily food with which you nourish your spirit.  Seek
this Word in the sacred book of Divine Scripture; savor all its beauty in the Gospel of my Son Jesus.  Through the wisdom which I am
giving you, I am leading you to understand more profoundly the secret of Holy Scripture, so that you may fathom it, delight in it, guard
it and live it.

The Word of God became Flesh and Life in Jesus Christ, who is the revelation of the Father, the image of his substance, and the
reflection of his glory.  The will of God is carried out through you only by your following, with love and complete trust, my Son
Jesus.  Jesus must be much more loved, listened to and followed by you...”  (# 299)  

By the Will of my Son Jesus, I have become your Mother also.  As Mother, I am close to each one of you to help you carry out, in the
time which has been granted you,
the plan of your Heavenly Father.  This plan is that his Divine Will be accomplished by you.
And the Divine Will is that you become holy.
I therefore help you to walk along the road of holiness, so that the Divine Will may be
accomplished by you in a perfect way and thus you may give, in your life, the greatest glory to the Most Holy Trinity.”… “I enclose
you in the depths of my Immaculate Heart and I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”  (# 441)  

In the hour of the great trial, Paradise will be joined to earth, until the moment when the luminous door will be opened, to
cause to descend upon the world the glorious Presence of Christ, who will restore His Reign in which
shall be accomplished in a perfect manner, as in Heaven, so also on earth.”  
(# 436)

“The glorious reign of Christ will correspond to a general flowering of holiness and purity, of love and justice, of joy and peace…The
glorious reign of Christ will also be reflected in a new form of life in everyone, because you will be drawn to live only for the glory of
the Lord.  And the Lord will be glorified when his
Divine Will will be perfectly accomplished by each one of you.  The glorious reign
of Christ will coincide, then, with the perfect accomplishment of the
will of God on the part of every one of his creatures, in such a
way that, as it is in Heaven, so it will also be on this earth.  The glorious reign of Christ will be established after the complete defeat of
Satan and all the spirits of evil, and the destruction of Satan’s diabolical power.  Thus he will be bound and cast into hell, and the gates
of the abyss will be shut so that he can no longer get out to harm the world.  And Christ will reign in the world. The glorious reign of
Christ will coincide with the triumph of the Eucharistic reign of Jesus.” (# 505)

“The Holy Spirit will bring you into the Secret of the Word of God.” ( # 450)

             “I enclose you in the depths of my Immaculate Heart and I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.”
 (# 441)  

Blessed Virgin Mary
I do RENOUNCE him.

And ALL his works?
I do RENOUNCE them.

And ALL his pomps?
I do RENOUNCE them.

Do you BELIEVE in GOD the FATHER ALMIGHTY, CREATOR of Heaven and Earth?

Do you BELIEVE in JESUS CHRIST, His only SON, our LORD, who was born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified,
died, and was buried, rose from the dead, and is now seated at the right hand of the Father?

Do you BELIEVE in the HOLY SPIRIT, the Holy CATHOLIC CHURCH, the communion of the SAINTS, the
forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting?

This is our Faith. This is the Faith of the Church.  We are proud to profess it, in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Let us now with one voice pray God, as our Lord Jesus Christ has taught us to pray.

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.  Thy KINGDOM COME! Thy WILL be DONE, on
Earth as It is in Heaven!
 Give us this day our daily bread,  And forgive us our trespasses, as we
forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
Amen. Fiat.

And may Almighty GOD, the FATHER of our LORD, JESUS CHRIST, who has caused us to be born again by
water and the HOLY SPIRIT, and granted us the remission of sins, HIMSELF keep us by His Grace in the same
CHRIST JESUS our LORD unto Eternal Life - and in the Kingdom of His Divine Fiat forever.

For Thine is the KINGDOM, and the Power, and the Glory, now and forever, and in Your Divine Will always.

Divine Will of God