How to Make Reparation and Compensation
for Sins
Making reparation and compensation for a sin involves three acts.  1) There is a punishment for the sin that must be paid,
and 2) fixing the act that was done wrong, or perhaps understood: 'taking out the bad act', and then 3) offering the correct act
already done in the Divine Will as if it was done instead of your sinful act.  

Consider the scenario:  A young boy is playing baseball too near a building where he knows he shouldn't be playing there.  He
accidentally hits the ball through a window of that building. He will suffer a punishment for the broken window and for playing
baseball where he knew he shouldn't have been playing. Then, he will have to fix the broken window.  Then, before God, he will
have to offer the correct act as if he had done it instead of what he did.  

To understand further, when a Roman Catholic sins, he goes to receive the Sacrament of Penance.  The fulfillment of this
Sacrament applies to #2 above. He must fulfill all the requirements in order to receive the full fruit of the Sacrament, such as
having a repentant heart and correct preparation for the Sacrament. After he confesses, he must fulfill his penance assigned to
him.  If a person has punishment that he must still suffer after he dies, either from forgiven venial or forgiven mortal sin, then
that would be #1 that he would pay in Purgatory. While alive, a person may pay all or some of his punishment for his sins by
God-approved sacrifices/penances. There are also certain acts that a person can do that will grant a plenary indulgence
offered by God in the Church. And #3 above would be offering God the correct act that should have been done instead of the
sin committed, and Jesus Christ did such acts.  Other similar divine acts may have been done by certain others as well, such as
by the Blessed Virgin Mary. Understand that all acts must be before God as if perfectly done in His Divine Will.

Whether you're in the Divine Will or not, after you complete #2, you can participate at Holy Mass and offer His Sacrifice of
Himself that He offered for us and is renewing it in that Holy Mass. This may satisfy in part or for all of that sin, depending.  
That's why we Catholics offer Holy Masses for the dead.  In addition, in your prayers, you can offer the specific acts that Jesus
did that compensated for such sin.(#3)  When a person offers these acts in the Divine Will, his acts can cover not just himself,
but also others as well, since his acts are divine and have the infinite nature of extending themselves throughout past, present,
and future, and for all of eternity, because it is God's Divine Will operating in him.  As for #1 above and the plenary indulgence
act, there are certain basilicas that have this grace, received through our attendance or fulfilling certain requirements there.  
For example, I visited a church in Italy, I believe what is called the House of Loreto, where it is believed to enclose the actual
house of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Part of receiving this plenary indulgence involved walking around the exterior of it on your
knees. Each certain act involving a plenary indulgence has its own particular act that must be fulfilled, such as participating at
Holy Mass, receiving the Sacrament of Penance, etc. Again, fulfilling these acts would apply to #1 above.

In the Divine Will writings, Jesus Christ explains to us that we must give to God the correct act (#3).  Not many people know
this.  They think its enough to just be forgiven and fulfill the Sacrament of Penance.

With this in mind, you can understand a bit clearer the SERIOUSNESS OF SIN, and the acts involved needed to completely
satisfy for one sin, much less each sin.  

The Blessed Virgin Mary speaks in the Divine Will writings of the horror of sin and the abyss that sin causes.  

This hopefully will SHAKE each individual to BE ATTENTIVE to not sin, and to be sorry for the sins already done, and strive to
fulfill the three acts above BEFORE we die.  If a person dies with just one UNFORGIVEN mortal sin on his soul, he is damned to
hell, no matter how many previous good acts he has done.  Do you understand the importance of maintaining your soul clean,
free from sin at all times, to seek God's purity, innocence, His Divine Will, and His Justice?  Everything that God has taught us,
especially in the Gospels about renouncing ourselves, the world, Satan, the flesh, mortification of our senses, emptying
ourselves of ourselves, seeking God's righteousness, His truths, doing His Will, carrying our cross, was not just to tell a story,
but the truth that we must follow.  Jesus Christ stated I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. Furthermore, recall Jesus'
statement to the holy women as He was carrying the cross to Calvary. Do not weep for Me, but for yourselves. For these things
must happen when the wood is green, but what will happen when it is dry?  Therefore, a person MUST be repentant, convert to
total giving oneself to GOD, and seek His Will, His Kingdom.  He must strive to be more of Heaven than of this world.