Mary Crowned Mother and Queen of the Divine Will ~ God's
The Divine Will  and the
Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

(written in messages to Marian Movement of Priests by Father Stefano Gobbi)

Perhaps many of you are familiar with the work of God in Father Gobbi’s organization and especially with his messages of our Blessed Mother
Mary to Priests.  I grew up with his books, although not focusing on any message in particular, and have been led to return to some of the
messages in them since pronouncing my vows in 1990, particularly those that pertain to the Divine Will.   In 2008, I went to see Fr. Gobbi in Italy
to speak of the Divine Will.  We had a beautiful visit and since the first seeds of the Divine Will had already been planted not only by our
Blessed Mother, but also briefly by a few others in the past, our conversation entered into a divinely profound topic of the
Eucharistic Reign
of Christ and how it coincides with the Divine Will
.  Using God’s writings in the messages of our Lady to the Priests and His messages to
Luisa, I explained how those who live in the Divine Will become Consecrated Eucharistic Hosts for Jesus - all without a priest, without a church,
anytime, anywhere, depending on our act in the Divine Will.   I will be publishing a book soon that speaks of this, but of course you can find it in
the Divine Will Volumes in several passages. Fr. Gobbi and his good friend, pastor of the neigboring church, purchased from me the books of
the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will written through Luisa Piccarreta and gave donations
to God's and Mary's Ministry in me of the Divine Will of God.

I have been wanting to ask Fr. Gobbi’s permission to cite from his book even before my first visit with him, but I thought it would be best to wait
until I had finished the book and then present the exact section to him to ask of his approval.  Well, I haven’t finished the book yet, but I recently
found myself in Europe in August 2010, and I felt called by our Blessed Mother Mary to contact him.  I was planning on visiting him again.  I
prayed for Her help in arranging everything.  After finally obtaining information of his location, I called him and spoke to him over the phone.  
Unfortunately a visit was not possible, but our Heavenly Mother Mary gave me a most beautiful gift:  Over the phone, he gave me permission to
quote from his books and to link to his site.  I did not plan it, but this happened on the Eve of the Vigil of
the Coronation of Mary, August
.   That same eve, I went online to see what I could find about the Coronation of Mary, and the first site I opened was the history of this
Feast, which also to my surprise, was originally chosen by Pope Pius XII to be on May 31st, the Feast of the Visitation, and later moved to the
octave after the Assumption.  So,
thanking the Most Holy Trinity and the Trinity on the Earth (Mary, Jesus Christ, and Luisa), I am happy to
share with you the fruit of this, which brings the special divine fruit of our beloved Mother Mary’s message to us about the Divine Will and the
Eucharistic Reign of Christ on the earth.  Here is the link to Fr. Gobbi’s site.  One of the two links below goes directly to his article on the Divine
Will message and the Eucharistic Reign. Together in the Divine Will we say to our beloved God the Most Holy Trinity and to His and our beloved
Mother Mary, (and Luisa):
 "THANK YOU for the GIFT OF LIVING IN THE DIVINE WILL OF GOD !!!  Thank You for all your lessons and

Thanksgiving to our beloved God, the Most Holy Trinity, our Mother and Queen the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Luisa, and to Fr. Stefano Gobbi
for his permission to quote from the messages of our Mother Mary in his opera of Marian Movement of Priests and to link to his site.
In case you haven’t heard, Padre Gobbi, founder of the Marian Movement of Priests, died in June
2011.  I thank God and the Blessed Virgin Mary for taking me to visit him and speak to him about the
Divine Will in 2008. As I stated in one of the other articles on this site, he seemed to understand the
first basic truth of the Divine Will, understanding more of the Eucharistic Reign of Christ on the
earth by means of the Divine Will.
 Pray for his quick passage into Heaven, if he isn't there already.