God the Most Holy Trinity, has been teaching and leading humanity since the fall of Adam and Eve, bringing us to the finality of
living with Them in Their Divine Will.  Throughout the centuries, They have strived to teach us obedience to the
Will of the Eternal
, and since the Redemption have given Graces - through the Church, through the Sacraments and the practice of the virtues,
while introducing forms of sanctity based on the fruits of Jesus Christ's humanity, such as obedience, mortification, holiness, etc.  
They have revealed to many saints that the most important thing that a person can possibly do is to DO God's Will.  They have
revealed and are constantly revealing, that they want to remain with and in man to live with him.    In the late 1800's through 1947,
They have worked with a chosen soul,
Luisa Piccarreta, to whom They have revealed the fullness of Their plans regarding
humanity: That humanity while living on the earth, must return to Them to Live in Their Divine Will, just as Adam and Eve did before
they fell into sin, and just as Jesus and Mary lived in It while they were on the earth. And even after Luisa, They have continued to
reveal to others the truth of what They have manifested about Their Divine Will. They have made though, the main depository of
Their Divine Will: Luisa Piccarreta, whose Cause for Beatification was opened on the Feast of Christ the King in 1994, after Cardinal
Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, who was on the council for deciding to open her Cause or not, sought to have Pope John Paul II’s
opinion about Luisa’s writings and gave his ‘Fiat’ (together with Pope John Paul II), in favor of opening Luisa’s Cause. Her Cause has
finished the diocesan stage and has since passed into the Vatican for its continued process. Through her, God wrote 36 Volumes
about the Living in the Kingdom of His Divine Will on the earth.  He also wrote 2 main works:
The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion of
Our Lord Jesus Christ
, and (with Mary:) The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  
To contact the ones working on her Cause of Beatification or about pilgrimaging to her house, contact:
the Little Daughter of the Divine Will,
Servant of God.
God first strongly revealed His calling to Luisa when she was 16 years of age when He appeared to her carrying the cross - outside of
her balcony.  He looked up at her and said: "Soul, help Me!"  His first written publication with her is the Christmas Novena where He
shares with us his nine months in the holy womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

After revealing these mysteries to her, He wrote through Luisa:
The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and
shares with us how and why He suffered for us in his Passion.  He reveals his interior prayers and intentions of his sufferings, offering
them for the reparation of sins and the salvation of humanity, which was Jesus' secondary mission: The Redemption of souls.

After these publications, Jesus wrote through her 36 Volumes about the
Kingdom of His Divine Will, and the Blessed Virgin Mary
wrote through Luisa:
The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  Jesus reveals that his primary mission of coming on the earth
was to Reestablish the Kingdom of the Divine Will of his Eternal Father on the Earth and that this mission occupied most of his
operating while He was on the earth, but Its
fulfillment could only happen after the Redemption had taken place.  In the Queen book,
as sometimes the above writing with the Blessed Virgin Mary is called, Mary teaches us from step one how to begin to enter into this
Kingdom of the Divine Will, and gives us our daily acts of love to fulfill, as homework - or soulwork if you will. She reveals to us the
horror of the life of our human will when its outside of God's Divine Will, and shares with us her own personal life of Living in the
Divine Will with her Son Jesus Christ when they were here on the earth in their humanities.

The two writings, the Passion and Mary's book, are two main writings of the Divine Will that are read and re-read, and meditated upon
often and are good first books to read when learning about the Divine Will of God. You will find that you will keep them by your side
every day for reading and reflection throughout your Life in the Divine Will, for they will form the foundation of the Divine Will upon
which Jesus and Mary will build upon in their guiding and directing your soul in the Life of the Divine Will on the earth as you read the
Volumes.  The Volumes contain the actual heart and meat of the details of the Living in the Divine Will.  Jesus states that He infused
his own
Divine Life in his WORDS in the Volumes, so that as the soul reads them, the soul will absorb His own Divine Life into him.  
Jesus states that these writings are universal and are the New Gospel of His Divine Volition, and if anyone should throw them into the
sea, He Himself will go and get them.  

The Volumes range in number of pages, but size isn't a concern when reading them because Jesus' WORDS are so filled with Divine
Life that the soul doesn't want to put the book down and will re-read them and study them as he goes along.

In Volume 31, Jesus states that the Divine Will must be studied and not to expect much from anyone who hasn't studied them.  So
after praying the Our Father Prayer for 2000 years with Jesus Christ, asking for the return of the Kingdom of his Eternal Father, the
Kingdom of His Divine Will, on the earth, It is finally being revealed to us with Its divine truths and teachings, and full of GOD'S own
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