Jesus Christ and his life on Earth

Jesus Christ and his life on earth was consumed by the Will of his Eternal Father.  His Father’s Will was everything for him, He did nothing without
It, meaning everything He did was not only the Father's Will but also done
in His Will.  Even the redemptive work only took life from within his Father’s Will,
not outside of It.  On more than one occasion Jesus was in a hostile environment where people wanted to kill him, but even though the Redemption was a
mission of Jesus, God had to make sure that it happened only according to the Will of the Father. For example, when Jesus was only an Infant, King Herod
sent soldiers to look for him and kill him.  But the Eternal Father arranged for St. Joseph to have a dream that instructed him to wake and flee with Mary
and the Infant into Egypt. And later in his life, as Jesus was about to begin his public teaching, his own people threw him out of the synagogue and tried to
push him over a cliff and stone him, but He had to not let it happen because He knew He had a mission in the Father's Will to preach the Kingdom. And so
throughout Jesus' life on earth, He did only the Will of the Eternal Father, defending It and his missions in It many times, even stating
~ that the Father
testifies on Jesus' behalf, and His testimony can be seen in the works Jesus does.  
Thus, Jesus was so one with his Father's Will that He not only
recognized It, but He knew It and defended It in the midst of contrary environments. Of course, being the Second Person of God, the Divine Will of the
Father was innate in him, by nature.

The Father’s Divine Will is so important, that Jesus Christ manifests to us his subjection and oneness to It that He had since from the beginning of his life at
his conception, throughout his life on earth, and up to and throughout his last acts on this earth.  In Psalms 39:8-9 it is written of him saying ‘yes’ to the
Father’s Will at the beginning of his life: “Then said I, Behold I come. In the head of the book it is written of me that I should do thy will: 0 my God, I have
desired it”.  And throughout his life He manifests to us how his life was consumed by his Father’s Will: In John 5:30: “I cannot do anything by myself,
because I am not looking to do how I will, rather how the Father who sent me wills.” And in John 4:32-34: “I have food that you do not know...My food is to
do the will of God who sent me, and to fulfill his work to its depth.”  This shows how Jesus Christ considered his Father’s Will above and over everything,
including the Redemption.  It was the Eternal Father who willed Jesus Christ to die crucified (after Adam and Eve sinned) in order to fulfill the Redemption,
but this was to take place only as the Father willed, so that the Redemption too would have life only in God’s Will, not outside of It.  And Jesus literally states
it for us at the beginning of the apex of the Redemptive Work: “Father, ...not my will be done but yours” (Lk 22:42).  And as such did Jesus Christ fulfill the
work of the Redemption: Only in and according to his Father’s Will.  It was Jesus'
obedience to his Father’s Will throughout his life on earth that led him
to the fulfillment of every Work that God wanted to do in him, including the Work of the Redemption, redeeming humanity from eternal condemnation initially
caused by the disobedience to God’s Will by Adam and Eve (see Rom 5:18-19).  In 2Cor19, Paul states that Jesus did not say ‘yes’ and ‘no’, but only ‘yes’
(to the Father).  This is unlike Adam and Eve, who originally said ‘yes’ to God, but later said ‘no’ with that one act of disobedience.  God doesn’t want us to
say ‘yes’ to Him in one moment and ‘no’ the next; we must always say ‘yes’.  Interestingly, even the form of Jesus’ body on the cross is in the form of the
English letter ‘Y’ – God’s ‘Yes’, ‘Yes, Eternal Father, your Will be done’.

Knowing that the Divine Will of the Eternal Father is perfect and that all good comes from It, and that because man had fallen out of Its Paradise man's acts
were being formed only by his limited
human will, without the life of God's perfect, infinite, immense Divine Will, Jesus used most of his life redoing man's
acts in God's Divine Will.  Recall that every human being after Adam and Eve is conceived and born in a fallen state, with the concupiscence of sin, with the
effects of sin on his soul and his acts human and not dominated by God's Divine Will. That's why God in Jesus Christ began His Life as a human being in
the conception stage of an embryo, and not as a full grown man like Adam.  In this way, He could relive all of man's God-given acts in the Divine Will.  
Jesus, who came with two wills: A human will since He was a man and a Divine Will since He was God, made his human will take life only from the Father's
Divine Will in every act, thus redoing everything in God's Will like we were supposed to do. So Jesus, from within the womb, to an infant, to a child, to a
teenager, to an adult, did everything the way we were supposed to do in the Father's Will and gave it to the Eternal Father in our name.  Thus, every act of
his gave the Eternal Father perfect, infinite, divine love, glory, adoration, honor, obedience, divine everything!  In this way, Jesus reestablished the
Kingdom of the Divine Will on the earth.

With such a great mission as this, it would have been disasterous if Jesus had allowed others to force the fulfillment of his other mission of the Redemption
prematurely.  Jesus tells us with his example, that fulfilling the Will of the Eternal Father is everything, that every mission by God is to be subject to It and
one with It; just as He kept the mission of the Redemption under the command and dominion of his Father's Divine Will. Consequently, Jesus fulfilled the
work given to him by his Father, from the Reestablishment of the Kingdom of the Divine Will of his Eternal Father on the earth, to the Redemption having its
apex at the end of his life on earth.  And after He had accomplished everything in and according to the Will of his Father, He spoke his last words:
"It is accomplished."

These are lessons that God is giving us. We must be attentive to God's Will and defend It even when the situation may say otherwise. But at the same time,
don't always expect a strong awakening like it was for St. Joseph and his dream.  We must educate ourselves in the knowledge and truth of God's Will
according to his teachings, especially now since He has given us the Divine Will writings through Luisa Piccarreta, so that we may correctly discern His Most
Holy Will in everything and not depend on signs.  What sign did Jesus have as He was being thrown out of the synagogue and people with stones in their
hands?  We must be correctly educated in God's Will and strong, firmly founded in It, or we may end up being swayed like a reed in the wind, or holding
onto a house built on sand that gets washed away with a wave of God's Will when the house wasn't God's Will to begin with.  But if we are strong in God's
Will, not just doing His Will, but also Living in It by calling His Divine Will into us and into our acts, God can do great things. Thanks be to Jesus' correct
operating in his Father's Will, we are now able to not only enter Heaven after we die, but also enter the Kingdom of Paradise on the earth again before we
die, like Adam and Eve did before they sinned, like Mary and Jesus lived in their humanities, for this Kingdom is the Kingdom of the Divine Will of the
Eternal Father.  Recall Jesus' one Prayer that He gave us:  the Our Father Prayer: "Your Kingdom
come, your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven."  
This doesn't ask the Father for the Kingdom after we die, rather for while we are still living on the earth.  This doesn't ask that we do His Will in Heaven,
rather that we do It now while on the earth, and do It AS It is done in Heaven.  

Obedience to God's Will is everything and is a MUST for us.  It alone will open the doors to whatever God wills to accomplish in us, and He will say what
that is, but we know that God wills to make us into new creations for His glory, more beautiful than the external creation that He did at the beginning, for that
is with matter, but with us, the material He is working with is our souls.  The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Masterpiece of the work of His Will in souls, she
receiving singular graces of being conceived without the stain of original sin, and who never went out of the Living in God's Divine Will.  Jesus Christ who is
God, by nature did and lived in his Father's Divine Will, for us it is by grace, a gift, which we must individually ask for.

We ask your blessing, Most Holy Trinity, (and Mary's) as we learn, meditate, study, and grow in your Divine Will Eternal Father, in the Name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,  Fiat.

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!                                               FIAT !!!!!!!!!!!                                 THANK YOU, MOST HOLY TRINITY !!!!!!!!!!         

“All glory to You, BELOVED ETERNAL FATHER; to You, Jesus Christ, Second Person of God the Holy Trinity, Son of the Eternal Father; and to
You, Holy Spirit, for the Gift of your Divine Will and the Gift of Yourselves in It to us!!!  Thank YOU for continuing to help us once again to live in
It – all and only for YOU, for this second chance to love YOU as we should, for not abandoning us as we deserved, rather YOU used 6000 years of
hard work to bring us back to this moment!  May our every act be only for YOU in It.”


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