The Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Can a person sin while trying to Live in the Divine Will?

Most persons appear to not know what sin is and what it does to their soul.  First, sin is when you do something against the Will of the Eternal Father, that
is, your human will puts itself against God’s Divine Will.  Many times, a person is unaware of many of his sins because the human race has fallen so low
because of and since the fall of Adam and Eve.  All of humanity inherited the effects of their sin and their chastisement, and so it is very easy for humans
to fall even deeper into sin. Many have not yet learned how to put their soul into that first state of grace (through Baptism), thus saving their soul from
eternal condemnation, nor do they know what sin is, and are so uneducated in the truth about sin and its effects on the soul and about how to return into
the state of grace and stay there, that if they died before then, there would be a good chance they would lose their soul for eternity.

Every time a person sins after Baptism, it puts a covering over the soul that limits or impedes God’s grace from entering, depending on the gravity of the
sin.  If a gleam of God’s light
is able to enter into that soul, it may be difficult to almost impossible for him (/her) to understand the communication because
the covering over his soul limited the communication plus the fact that his soul is stained and limits his understanding of the light communicated.  And he
will probably be unaware of it, thinking that he understands when in reality he doesn’t.  And we’re talking about communications of even the most simple,
basic truths.  And each additional sin adds a layer to this covering, thus impeding God and His truths even more than before, each time.  So how is God
going to communicate to such a soul?  Directly He can’t, even if He wants to; He can’t get through.  Such a soul must first ask God forgiveness of all his
sins and vow to never repeat those sins.  However, how can he vow to never repeat those sins if God forgives him in general of everything but some of
those sins remain unknown to him?   The soul should ask for enlightenment of his sins that are unknown to him so that he can make the effort to not
repeat them.  

There are so many who so freely do things that is sin in God’s eyes, but they do not consider it sin in their own eyes, including a person who is trying to
live in the Divine Will and operates upon or operates regarding another child of the Divine Will without their ‘fiat’ directly from him (/her).  Such operating
goes against the fact that Jesus and Mary are to be the sole directors of the children of the Divine Will, with the exception that the more mature ones might
one day feel inclined to give their ‘fiat’ to another for further embellishment. (Others can teach the truths of the Divine Will and share knowledges, including
the attributes, but not direct your soul.)  Therefore, yes, a child of the Divine Will can sin.  And just because many or most of one generation of children of
Divine Will are doing something, doesn’t mean its approved by God.  Realize that they are humans too still living on this earth on this journey, and tend to
follow one another’s acts, including in the spiritual realm of Living in the Divine Will.  But everyone has the duty to try to learn the Divine Will and Its truths.  
Everyone should be investigating the truths themselves by reading the Divine Will Volumes.  Don’t rely on the opinions of those who do the same act in
question, they will obviously support their belief.  And if a person cannot support his belief with the Divine Will Volume’s truths, be careful.  Remember that
Eve fell to Lucifer, but Adam fell to Eve, both were supposed to be living in the Divine Will. If ever, may it never be, you sin after entering into the Divine
Will, repent and change. Ask God for His Gift again.  Never be so hardheaded to think that you can’t sin because you’ve been in the Divine Will too long or
because you’ve done too many acts in It or because you’re too high and advanced, or because you have produced so much fruit, or because your
intentions are always holy, etc. With such an attitude, you may in fact be in sin and may never receive the grace to see that you are in sin because of your
obstinacy.  You can sin.  Be open to God’s truths.  But don’t go the opposite way either, thinking: “I’ve been operating that way for so long, that if I’ve been
wrong, then its too much for me to change.” Or, “I’m too bad, God won’t forgive me.” Wrong!  That’s Satan’s web of making you stay in your sin, because
he wants to rob you from God!

Any soul who goes to God and asks for forgiveness
in sincerity in this life, will be forgiven.  It doesn’t mean that after forgiven, if he is a child of the Divine
Will, he will absolutely get the Gift of the Divine Will back, he may or may not, but at least he’ll be forgiven with the hope to enter Heaven after he dies and
have all the acts that he did in the Divine Will previously to accompany him in Heaven. (This was the case of Adam, who was forgiven, but he didn’t get the
Gift of the Divine Will back while on this earth after he sinned.)  And remember, the continuation of possession of God’s attributes after having sinned is
not a sign that the soul is still in possession of the Divine Will.  Some angels who sinned and became demons, after being chastised, continued to possess
some of God’s attributes, obviously even today; that is, they can fuse thoughts, fuse themselves into a person, can travel throughout time – past, present,
and future, and can move and speak in a person. Consider the fact of two persons who engaged sinfully in sexual relations and a child was conceived.
The act of conception happened after the sinful act. Does the fact of the miracle of conception signify that the persons were in the state of grace?  
Absolutely not!  Furthermore, some of the saints of the past who didn’t possess the Divine Will possessed some of God’s attributes, namely, Saint Peter
who raised a person from the dead.  So don’t think that just because you still possess attributes and are gaining others and are operating in the same
spiritual realm, that you still possess the Divine Will.

So why wait to learn the truth, and have to do things multiple times over and end up losing graces forever?  Get it right the first time.  Learn how to live in
the Kingdom of the Divine Will according to the truths written in the Divine Will Volumes; know that there is a rule: the Divine Will and Its Fiat.  Learn Them
and know Them.  Don’t just go by what the others tell you or what you see or feel in this new realm of spirituality.  Be attentive and don’t sin. Remember
the fact that Mary, the Co-Redeemer with Jesus Christ, the Mother and Queen of the Divine Will, stated that she was terrified all of her life of doing her
human will because she was in the same state as Adam and Eve and could have easily fallen into sin. You
can do it, you just have to try and ask God for
help in all things, and
try to do everything in His Will. God wants you to win over sin, over your lowly base human will that causes you to fall into sin so
often; He wants you, in and through His Divine Will, to dominate your humanity and all sin, and enter into the Life of His Divinity with Him as you live on this
earth and to continue it in Heaven.  God wouldn’t be giving us this immense Grace if He didn’t think it wasn’t possible!  He knows your weaknesses, but He
expects you to repent and change if and when you fall and not be obstinate, and go forward.  How blest we are to have such a beautiful, patient, forgiving,
loving, but also just Eternal Father!  Fiat!!!

May the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Mary Most Holy, and Luisa, bless us all in the Eternal Father’s Divine Will, that we may
always be attentive to Living correctly in It, and allow the Most Holy Trinity to give Themselves glory in us!

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