Divine Will of God
Consider adding the following prayer to your Divine Will prayers.
Most Holy Trinity, I reject Satan, all evil, sin, and rebelliousness to your willed-Will.  I
am sorry for all of my sins, and humbly ask your forgiveness.  I give you my human
will, and ask that you give me your Divine Will.  I want to consecrate my whole being to
your Divine Volition, to the Kingdom of your Divine Fiat, to the Triumphant Immaculate
Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother & Queen of the Divine Will, and in Her, to the
Sacred Heart of the Risen Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ, and
with them, to You, Eternal Father.
Here, add your "Come, Divine Will,..." prayer.
Most Holy Trinity, I always will your Divine Will, even if my words or acts say
differently, since I may not always see or understand or remember something, or may
it never be-because of pride or sin on my part, or something else. But my God, as our
covenant-I always will to happen no matter what I say or do or lack thereof: your Most
Holy Divine Will in detail, Most Holy Trinity.  And if it happens that my words and acts
or lack thereof is different from your Most Holy Divine Will, not only do I will your Most
Holy Will to happen but also I ask for your mercy to show me and gently change me
so that in practice I too will do and speak what You will.  I ask this in the Name of
Jesus Christ your beloved Son and our Savior, and if it pleases You, my God, to also
ask as a command of your Divine Will.  Fiat.