The origin of the word ‘Fiat’ is divine.  It was the first word God created.  God didn’t need to create a word, much less a language.  
Nonetheless, He willed to make use of the word to operate, and ‘Fiat’ was His first word.  ‘Fiat’ translated means ‘Let it be done’.  Sound
familiar?  Refer to the book of Genesis chapter 1 in the Bible at the story of creation.  All of creation He created with the word ‘Fiat’. “Let there
be light” Gen 1:3, and so on for each category of created thing.

This means we too were created from His word ‘
Fiat’: “Let us make man to our image and likeness” Gen 1:26.  What a royal divine origin we
 Our Creator, our God, willed us into being through and in His Divine Will and by His ‘Fiat’!

This divine ‘Fiat’ is an agreement to the Eternal Father’s Will, a ‘
yes’ response to His Will; a profound divine oneness to It.  ‘Let it be done.’  In
the Holy Trinity, there is perfect agreement to the Father’s Will among the Three Divine Persons.  The Father wills, the Son responds ‘yes’, and
the Holy Spirit fulfills Their act.

The Holy Trinity created creation in this way: The Eternal Father willed, the Son spoke the Father’s Will, agreeing with It with the word ‘Fiat’,  
(recall John the Evangelist’s statement about Jesus: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…All
things were made by him: and without him was made nothing that was made” John 1:1-3), and the Holy Spirit was the operating act of the
Eternal Father's Will after the spoken Word (“and the Holy Spirit moved over the waters” Gen 1:2).

In and through this ‘
Fiat’ to the Father’s Will within the Three Divine Persons, God gave life to everything in creation and willed to sustain them
through the life of His Will: Nature, man, the universe, and all that is created.  It is natural that all created things remain in His Will except for
those created beings that have another will. Only another will put against the Divine Will can cause that creature to go out of God’s Will.  So
nature, the universe, and the creatures of the air, land, and water have remained in God’s Will and can’t go out of It because they don’t have
another will. In order for creatures who do have another will to remain in His Will, they must put their will one with God’s Will.  Logical, of
course.  And God created only two creatures with another will:  Angels and humans.  They have the ability to put their wills, angelic or human,
against God’s Divine Will.  But by doing so, they destroy God’s plans, works and acts, and turn everything upside down.  Nonetheless, God
willed to give us a gift of free will so that with the knowledge and light that He gives us to which we must be attentive and ask for if we don’t
have, we can determine with the intelligence that He has given us that His Will is always best and as a result put our will one with His. He also
gave us free will so that we can love Him freely, meaning that we will decide HOW we will love Him, not IF we will love Him. Loving God is NOT
a choice, nor is doing God’s Will; they are our DUTIES as His creature!  By the way, sadly enough, God has to make this the first
commandment: “Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God with thy whole heart, with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind.” Matt 22:37.

In summary, all created things were born from the Will of the Father and God’s ‘Fiat’, and only two of these beings did He give a will, angels
and humans.  God wills a perfect ‘Fiat’ from these two beings.  However, the possibility of angels and humans going against God’s Divine Will
is so great, that God submitted both of them to a test to see if they would give their ‘fiat’ to Him, to His Will, and obey.  Lucifer, the brightest,
supposedly the most intelligent Angel, nonetheless refused to obey God, and became the darkest, most stupid, and the lowest and most evil,
all because he put his will against God’s Will, believing that because of his intelligence and light, he should be the one to be like God, and not
humans.  So what good is so much intelligence and light if the creature puts his will against God’s Will?  And as for the first humans, Adam and
Eve, they were living in the Divine Will. It was sustaining them and giving them everything they needed.  The Divine Will was their Paradise
state.  But WHILE they were IN the Divine Will, they put their human will against God’s Will & caused the whole human race to be ETERNALLY
CONDEMNED.  Again, why?  Because they thought God was hiding some divine knowledge from them and they wanted it.  Sound familiar?  
Just like Lucifer and the other fallen Angels. Lucifer decided that the knowledge that he possessed, and Adam and Eve that the knowledge
that they wanted, was greater than obeying God’s Will, so they willfully acted against God’s Will, putting their wills, angelic and human, against
God’s Will.  In reality, God established the will to be greater than the intelligence & to be dominant over it, not the contrary.  So both Angels and
humans failed the test of obedience to God’s Will.

So because all of humanity was eternally condemned, no descendant could ever be worthy nor able to make just reparation for everyone
because all were living without the Divine Will which contains God’s own Divinity which includes His infinite nature that generates acts that
extend themselves in an infinite way throughout the past, present, and future.  Mankind at that time lived in a human will which is limited, finite,
and therefore his acts of reparation and compensation would never reach every person. Therefore, the ONLY way for man to be saved was by
God Himself since He alone possessed His Divinity and a divine, infinite nature.  That is why Jesus Christ had to come to earth, and He had to
as God in order to make sufficient reparation and compensation for man’s acts, and also because only He could worthily ask the Eternal
Father for the return of the Kingdom of His Divine Will to mankind on earth again; and He had to come
as man in order to do man’s acts again
(all possible acts of man: past, present, and future) but do them in the Father’s Will.  

Jesus Christ lived man’s life perfectly before the Eternal Father. His obedience to the Eternal Father’s Will was such that He always made his
human will one with his Father’s Will, giving his ‘
Fiat’ in everything.  He is the Father’s ‘Yes’. “The Son of God, Jesus Christ, ... did not say ‘yes’
and ‘no’, but only ‘yes’”.2Cor 1:19-20.  He considered the doing & living in God’s Will so important, that He pronounced to the Eternal Father
his ‘Fiat, Voluntas Tua’ at the beginning of his life on earth: In Psalm 39:8-9 “Then said I, Behold I come.  In the head of the book it is written of
me that I should do thy will: O my God, I have desired it”, at the end of his life on earth: “My Father, if it be possible, let this chalice pass from
me. Nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt” Matt 26:39, and many times in between, to reveal to us the greatness of the Eternal Father’s Will
and that everything must revolve around It. And, his acts, through his Divinity, through His Divine Will, reached all humans and their acts,
extending themselves into the past, present and future.  He, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, who is representative of the intelligence of
God and to whom our intelligence is attributed, didn’t consider himself equal to God the Father and abased his intelligence to the Father’s Will
even though He too was God.  What perfect reparation and compensation for our disordered will and intelligence!  And He didn’t just DO the
Father’s Will, He LIVED in It by nature.  Go through the New Testament, especially the Gospels and note where Jesus talks about His Father’s
Will.  Some of the other most notable ones are when He said, “I came down from Heaven not to do my own will, but the will of him who sent me”
John 6:38, and “I cannot of myself do any thing.  As I hear, so I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not my own will, but the will of
him that sent me.” Jn 5:30; and in another moment: “I have food to eat of which you do not know…My food is to do the will of the one who sent
me and to perfect his work.” John 4:32-34.  Thus Jesus’ acts reordered the three faculties in man according to God’s design of him in his
creation: that the will in mankind be the depositary of God’s Divine Will and be more important than our faculty of the intelligence and than our
faculty of love and memory, and is to be dominant over these two faculties, just as they are perfectly ordered in the Holy Trinity: The Eternal
Father and His Will is the head, the Son who is representative of Their intelligence is second, and the Holy Spirit, who is representative of God’
s Love and ever-presence (for us ever-presence is memory), is third.

Because of Jesus Christ’s acts, mankind could now re-enter into the Kingdom of His Divine Will while on the earth.  And
Mary was the first to
re-enter at her conception, which God had planned through the foreseen merits of her Son.  Mary too gave her ‘
Fiat’ to the Eternal Father in
everything, most noted in the Bible at the Annunciation when she gave her ‘Fiat’ by responding to the Will of the Eternal Father through the
Archangel Gabriel:  “And Mary said: Behold, the handmaid of the Lord;
be it done to me according to thy word.” Lk 1:38.  And because she
lived in It all of her life, she became the Mother and Queen of the Divine Will, the greatest of a long list of titles she has, including the New Eve
(the original Eve didn’t give her ‘fiat’ to God).

God’s Will for us MUST BE first, and not to be taken lightly!  Mary was terrified while on earth - of the possibility of doing her human will
even though God was incarnated in her; and she even went into the Holy Trinity’s presence many times!  How much less are we than Mary?  
How much less are we, who at the most can be ‘like God’, than God Himself in the Second Person of the Holy Trinity who is not ‘like God’ but
IS GOD?   If these two, Jesus and Mary, who not only operated the Redemption Fiat but also reestablished the Kingdom of the Divine Will on
the earth, were required to give their ‘Fiat’ and put God’s Will not only over their human will but also over their intelligence, love and memory,
how much more are we required to give our ‘
Fiat’ to God’s Will and put God’s Will over our human will and over our intelligence, love and

Another chosen soul, Luisa, gave her ‘Fiat’ to God.  Born in Italy and died in 1947, God revealed to her the truths about the Kingdom of the
Divine Will, which she was required to write on paper.  At her funeral on top of her coffin, in a paraded street procession, was the word “
in lights, enormous in size.  What do you think God and Luisa were trying to tell us with this word so enormous, on top of her coffin?  

May we, like Jesus, together with Mary and Luisa, always give our ‘
Fiat’ to our Eternal Father’s Will.

God bless you in His Divine Will.


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