Divine Will of God
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Divine Will Fiat Scapulars
(Divine Will Scapulars)
3 Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large.

Small: Normal size as brown Mt. Carmel Scapular.  $ 4.50.  Item #: DWSS

Medium: 2" x 2"   $ 5.50  Item #: DWSM

Large: 8" x 8"  To be worn on the outside of one's garments.  Best for Divine Will events and gatherings.  $25. Item #: DWSL

On the fronts are written: "Fiat"  and   "Voluntas Tua Pater Aeternus"   ('Your Will be done, Eternal Father.')
As stated on the Divine Will Fiat Scapular page, have these blest by a Roman Catholic priest, and use Holy Water.  And
you too, bless them in the Divine Will. There may be an additional design of the Large in the future.
Read about the Origin of this Divine Will Fiat
Scapular, click here.

Divine Will Framed Pictures
These 3 beautiful prints are currently only $40 each.  The mats have gold lettering stating: "Fiat Pater Voluntas
Tua", Latin for "Your Will be done, Father".  It comes with a frame with a glass cover.  The frame backing is
equipped with hanging clips.   The size of the complete picture with frame is about 13 1/2" x  15".  The mat is 13" x
10".  Variations may occur in the frame depending on availability in the future.  However, the mat and photos are
expected to remain the same.  If you just want the print with the mat, you may order that too; however, the price
will remain the same because of the work involved in making it.
Call to Order:
Famous Roman Catholic painter
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo's print of the
Item #: DWAS  (with frame)
          DWASWO (without frame)
Famous Roman Catholic painter Bartolomé Esteban
Murillo's print of the Madonna of the Rosary.
Rosary is draped around BVM's arm and hangs
between her & the Child Jesus.
Item #: DWJM     (with frame)
          DWJMWO  (without frame)
Famous Roman Catholic painter Francesco
Albani's print of The Annunciation.
Item #: DWANN   (with frame)
    DWANNWO   (without frame)
Rosary of the Rounds meditations.
Contains the Rounds of the soul in the Day
in the Divine Will; 24 meditations for the 24
hours in a day. Booklet is 6.26 height x
4.25 width and 81 pages.
Price: $6.
Item #: RRBK
Rosary of the Rounds.
Currently Unavailable; this was a Corato item.
Corato is not making them now.
I am considering producing something similar but
Item Number:  
Luisa Piccarreta Cause for Beatification prayer card with
relic which is a piece of her clothing.
Currently Unavailable; this was a Corato item.
On back contains a brief history of her.  Has contact
information of those in charge of her Cause in Italy.


Item Number:  LPBC
Saints in the Divine Will  by
Sergio Pellegrini.  
Currently Unavailable; this was a
Corato item.
From Corato - Pious Association
Luisa Piccarreta.  
Item Number:  CSTDW
The Luisa keychain and medals are
currently unavailable.  These were
Corato items.
Divine Will of God
Reign in us !

Item Number:  

Please specify which color of hat
and ink. Price starts at $ 17.
baseball cap
Divine Will of God Reign in us !

If you would like the shirt or ink in a different color,
please specify which color; all normal basic colors should be available. You may
also have the shirt without this site listed on it. Please specify.  
Price starts at $ 17 depending on color of shirt.  

Item Number:

Bookmarks and Holycards


Sacred Heart Holycard
Price: $ 1.00 not laminated
$ 1.75 laminated

Item #:  SHHCL (Laminated)
          SHHCNL (Not Laminated)
Sacred Heart Holycard -front & back
Sacred Heart Holycard - back zoomed in.
(bad lighting here.. Its white like the photo in the middle>)
Item #:  SACRBKNL (not laminated)  Price: $ 1.50

         SACRBKL   (laminated)  Price: $ 2.50
There may be another large design offered in the near future from which to choose.
The text on the back reads:
"The Kingdom of God in me"
"Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, make
the Will of God reign in me as It
reigned in You and Mary, and as It
reigns in the Most Holy Trinity.
I give You my human will, Eternal
Father, that your Divine Will may
live and reign in it.
I consecrate my whole being to
your Divine Will, Eternal Father.  
May It come into me to do
everything in me. FIAT!
Our Father,...  Hail Mary,... Glory
The text of this bookmark reads:

(Front:) "Most Sacred Heart of
Jesus, the Divine Will of the Eternal
Father was your will, your food, your
I give You my human will; give me
the Divine Will of the Eternal Father,
that It may reign in me as It reigned
in You."
"Divine Will of God, do everything in
(Back:) "Our Father....(complete
Prayer is written).  Hail Mary,... Glory
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