Divine Will of God
Divine Will of God
Reign in us !

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Please specify which color of hat
and ink. Price starts at $ 17.
baseball cap
LUISA MEDALS - Necklace/Keychain.  One side has Luisa Piccarreta,
Little daughter of the Divine Will; and the other side has
Our Blessed
Mother Mary
- Santa Maria Greca, Protector of Corato, Bari Italy holding
Baby Jesus
. The medal itself is 1.5 inches in height and 1.25 inches
wide.  It can be used as a keychain or a necklace (cord or neckchain not
included).  See below for the convenient chain links. This comes from the
Association of Luisa Piccarreta in Corato, Italy, which is located in Luisa's
house.  They are quality medals. They come in three colors:
red, blue,
green.  See below for the back side.  (I use mine as a necklace and
it is an attractive quality medal necklace making a strong Divine Will
statement!)  By purchasing these, you help support Luisa's Cause for
Price: $ 6.

Item Numbers:  Blue: LMKCBL    Red:  LMKCR     Green:  LMKCG
Luisa medal.  Oblong size is 1.0 inch
high by .75 inch wide. Oval size is .8
Item Numbers:  Oblong: LMOSQ
Oval: LMOV
Luisa prayer card. Laminated. A
Miraculous Medal is encased.  
Front says in Italian: "Luisa, help
me to do the Will of God"; "God's
Will be Done". Back says: "If you
will do the Will of God, you will feel
a strength in all of your pains, you
will feel an invisible hand that helps
you, that guides you and that does
in you what you do." Luisa
Piccarreta.  Size:  3.0 inches
horizontal, 2.25 inches vertical.  
Perfect for your wallet!

Item Number: LPCMM
Rosary of the Rounds.
Price: $ 10.
Specify which color:
Red, white, light blue.

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Luisa's relic is on the back side of
Luisa's picture on the Rosary of the
Rosary of the Rounds meditations.
Contains the Rounds of the soul in the Day
in the Divine Will; 24 meditations for the 24
hours in a day. Booklet is 6.26 height x
4.25 width and 81 pages.
Price is
included with Rosary of the Rounds.
Luisa Piccarreta Cause for Beatification prayer card with
relic which is a piece of her clothing.
inches by 4.75. On back contains a brief history of her
Card is 6 inches by 4.75 and is to be folded in half to be 3
and contact information of those in charge of her Cause
in Italy.

Item Number:  LPBC
Luisa bookmark with relic.
Item Number:  LBKM
Don Benedetto Calvi bookmark;
Luisa's last Confessor. In Italian,it
says: 40th Anniversary of the death of
Don Benedetto Calvi, the last
Confessor of the Servant of God Luisa

Item Number: DBCBKM
Divine Will of God Reign in us !

If you would like the shirt or ink in a different color,
please specify which color; all normal basic colors should be available. You may
also have the shirt without this site listed on it. Please specify.  
Price starts at $ 17 depending on color of shirt.  

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The items below are in support of the Luisa Piccarreta Association in Corato, Italy; they are in charge of her Cause of Beatification.
Saints in the Divine Will  by
Sergio Pellegrini.  From Corato -
Pious Association Luisa Piccarreta.  
Price: $ 5.
Item Number:  CSTDW
CALL:     1-800-388-5028  to order !