Divine Will of God
Divine Will Consecration of the Roman Catholic Church to the Divine Will of God
and Its Kingdom on the Earth.
Most Holy Trinity, in your Divine Will, we consecrate ourselves and the Roman
Catholic Church
to your Divine Will, to the Kingdom of your Divine Fiat, your
Divine Volition, with Its reigning divine Sun, and to the Triumphant Immaculate
Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother & Queen of the Divine Will, and in Her
Immaculate Heart to the Sacred Heart of the Risen Second Person of the Most Holy
Trinity, Jesus Christ, to the Most Holy Trinity, and to the Eternal Father, that They
may bring us safely home forever into the Kingdom of the Celestial Fatherland-the
Kingdom of the Divine Will, the Divine Fiat of God-on the Earth, keeping our
interior and our whole being sacred, holy, blessed, and preserved for our beloved
GOD and the Kingdom of His Divine Will, His Divine Fiat.
We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ and as a humble command of the Divine
Will of God, in union with all the acts done in the Divine Will by God and by His
children of His Divine Will, and with the repaired and compensated acts that
weren't originally done in the Divine Will but that we now put in the Divine Will,
offering them as done in the Divine Will-past, present, and future, together with
Luisa Piccarreta and Saint Hannibal di Francia, and all the Saints and Blessed in