In the Gospel of today’s Solemnity of Christ the King, Jesus states that “…my
Kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants
would certainly strive that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now my
kingdom is not from hence.” (Jn 18:36).  Recall that Saint Peter cut off
Malchus’ ear with his sword (Jn 18:10), and Jesus reprimanded him. So Jesus
isn’t referring to fighting in that way. So what is Jesus referring to when He said
his “servants would certainly strive …”?  The Holy Spirit reveals that in the
Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus went to the Apostles asking for help.  (Luke 22:
40-46) :  Through PRAYER AND ATTENTIVENESS. He told them to PRAY.  
And when He went to them later, He found them sleeping.  He acknowledged
their error.  “Why sleep you? Arise, pray, lest you enter into temptation.” (Lk
22:46). So then, Jesus, when stating that his servants would certainly ‘strive’
that He should not be delivered, he was referring to the soul PRAYING AND
so that they do not fall into temptation; so that He is not taken from their souls, and so that He reigns within their being.  In the
Divine Will Volumes, how MANY times does Jesus say “be attentive”?  So many times, that God inspired someone to write a book
called “Be Attentive”. Surely there is nothing more He repeats than this in the Divine Will Volumes!

Now let us consider Jesus’ words: “of” “this world”.  First, in the Divine Will Volumes, He states that the Kingdom of the Divine Will
ON THE EARTH is a DECREE of the Most Holy Trinity.  Also, according to a Gospel, we must not be ‘of’ the world, even though
we are IN the world.  Jesus said ‘OF’ in his statement in today’s Gospel: “…my Kingdom is not ‘OF’ ‘this world’.  And He quickly
adds “If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would certainly strive that I should not be delivered…”   Well then, its clear
that the problem with ‘the world’ that Jesus speaks of, is that He is not being defended, nor His capture prevented; whereas, in

First, in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, we are not ‘OF’ the world, we are OF the Divine Will, the Divine Fiat, of GOD, which is a
different world with a different language.  “…my Will is the language of Heaven…” Vol. 16  11/15/23)  “the language of my
Kingdom…” ( Vol.19  8/31/26).   We fight and win in divine ways, not human, not of the human world or human order but of the
divine world and divine order which is exactly of and in the Divine Will, Divine Fiat, of GOD-with and in GOD. To bring the
Kingdom of the Divine Will, Divine Fiat on the Earth, we have to operate/act for and with It and Jesus and the Most Holy Trinity,
as well as with the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother and Queen of the Divine Will.  We must put all in the Divine Will and insist on
GOD and His Divine Will, Divine Fiat, not just to win, but also don’t allow anything less than a shadow of a fiber of a shadow of an
act less, nor the possibility of it!  As most possible absolutely for us, and as much as possible for others, because remember we
can do all the acts in the Divine Will that we want, but if souls aren’t disposed, they can’t receive the graces.  But at least we can
insist on the Divine Will of God for us and offer reparation and compensation to God in the name of everyone, and ask for the
Kingdom of the Divine Will/God’s Divine Fiat on the Earth as in Heaven. We must live IN the Most Holy Trinity and in His Kingdom
of His Divine Will, His Divine Fiat.  Your interior is SACRED to GOD-KEEP it for HIM only!  He alone and the Blessed Virgin Mary
will direct and guide souls and they won’t cede to anyone else!  (Vol.29  May 31, 1931).  Therefore, we must FIGHT for GOD and
with GOD.

In God’s Divine Will, the soul is supposed to be so one with God and His Divine Will that his human will is now God’s Will that the
soul made his own.  And he no longer suffers a death for making God’s Will his own, because he just wants to be one with God’s
Will. Therefore, the Divine Will is not only his will, but also his life. And once one with GOD, the two wills become one: GOD’s
DIVINE WILL, which the human will has not only made its own, but also is one with It. So we don’t go always killing our will for the
sake of killing our will, because once it is one with God’s Divine Will, we need to follow It and make It reign in us.

Why would God focus on a human martyrdom in the Gospels?  Because we need to give ALL to GOD.  Human, because they
are not ready to understand the Divine Will yet, “I have yet many things to say to you: but you cannot bear them now. (Jn 16:12)  
In the Divine Will, we don’t just give GOD human acts nor one act of martyrdom, rather continuous divine acts, a continuous life
of martyrdom by sacrificing our human will in its life by itself, which includes our mind, soul, acts, all – to GOD’s Divine Will and Its
dominion in all of our being and acts-past, present, and future and throughout eternity.  

We don’t just DO GOD’s Will, we LIVE IN IT, where GOD’S Will is the LIFE FORCE of our acts, making them divine.  In the
Kingdom of the Divine Will in Heaven, all live for and with GOD.  What do you think is the meaning and the reason of the Most
Holy Eucharist?  To have only 15 minutes with GOD?  GOD wants to live IN us and do everything in us, not just for 15 minutes,
making sure we not only DO God’s Will, but also do everything IN the Divine Will generating divine acts with Them-the Most Holy
Trinity!  How many times in the Divine Will writings do we hear Jesus speak of His solitude and the abandonment by His
creatures, and their ungratefulness, leaving Him alone?  The Passion book is filled with it.  GOD wants to live in us, but we need
to keep ourselves stainless, pure, holy, and divine so that He will have a worthy and comfortable home within us-just like He
found in the Blessed Virgin Mary.  GOD chose Her for the Incarnation exactly for that reason-She was the only worthy dwelling
place that was closest to His Heaven in Heaven, and that is because She was LIVING IN the DIVINE WILL, DIVINE FIAT, of GOD
on the Earth!  So, unite with the Divine Will, Divine Fiat of GOD.  Nothing impure, unholy, human, or less than divine is in It!  
Because the Divine Will, Divine Fiat, of GOD, IS just that: holy, immaculate, pure, divine!  Can you imagine GOD allowing
someone or something to be an intruder within Their very own Divine Trinity ad intra-within Themselves?  No!  And in a similar
way, we are not to allow evil, Satan, or other, anything/anyone else other than GOD to have anything to do with us within and
without-without His Fiat. DEFEND GOD and His holy Temple, His Kingdom, His Divine Will, Divine Fiat, within and without of us!  
Recall that Jesus’ statement in the Divine Will Volume that creatures would destroy GOD if they could!  So, we MUST defend,
protect, be attentive to, GOD and His Divine Will, Divine Fiat, within and without of us through ACTS IN THE DIVINE WILL.  Recall
that a holy Angel was placed in front of Paradise on Earth when Adam and Eve were kicked out.  How much more do we need to
have God’s Kingdom of His Divine Will within us protected? Operate in the Divine Will with that or a similar act-with God of
course! When we make Him and His Will reign, within and without of us, then THAT is the ‘world’ Jesus and GOD live in AND that
pertains to Them, not a world of a human order, but of a divine order, where HIS DIVINE WILL is the only reigning Will, the only
operating Will and that has complete dominion within and without of us!  This ‘world’ is divine.  In It, we do many continuous
divine acts in His Divine Will.  These acts are not human, rather divine, which are obviously the most powerful acts that can be
done.  So, CALL GOD’s DIVINE WILL in everything!  Put all in the Divine Will and insist that It have dominion over all!
(Automatically either through submission to His willed-Will, or by God’s Divine Justice.) Don’t be intimidated by evil!  And don’t let
evil dictate how things will be!  Nor allow evil nor evil ones to have anything to do with you!  Jesus said ‘you would have no power
over Me if it had not been given to you from above.’ So, INSIST on, and operate on making happen: GOD and His Divine Will,
Divine Fiat over everyone and everything possible, imaginable, and existable!  Leave no room for Satan, nor evil nor anyone nor
anything else!!! Just the opposite of how Jesus Christ found His ‘rooms’, His dwelling places when He came in His Humanity and
Divinity: there was  ‘no room’ for Him at the inn’- 3 times, representing no room for the 3 Divine Persons within the creature. (with
the exception of the Blessed Virgin Mary).  So unlike His coming in the Redemption Fiat, let’s offer Him and KEEP secure, holy,
pure, and divine-His ‘room’ within us, His worthy dwelling place of the Kingdom of His Divine Will, Divine Fiat within us, as did the
Blessed Virgin Mary!!!  


Divine Will of God
Christ the King
Solemnity 2015, Tridentine Holy Mass