Come, Divine Will of the Most Holy Trinity, and You Most Holy Trinity, come and consecrate me to
You; and I call the Blessed Virgin Mary and Luisa to also do the same, and God’s holy Angels to be
present, bless the acts and take them to God.

Most Holy Trinity, I consecrate my human will and my whole being to You and to Your Divine Will.  
Teach me to live in It, and feed me of Its divine truths, knowledge, and operating acts.
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I prostrate my being before You, and ask You to consume me in You and in Your Divine Will, Most
Holy Trinity.  I do not want my human will to have any life except that of your Most Holy Divine
Will.  I ask that you make me return to the order, to the place, and to the purpose for which You
created me – of Life in your Divine Will.  

My King, Jesus Christ, I consecrate myself to You and to your Sacred Heart, that you may consume
my human will in the flames of your love for the Eternal Father’s Will so that together with You, they
become One sole Will: the Will of the Eternal Father.

Heavenly Mother Mary, Queen of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, I consecrate myself to your
Immaculate Heart, that God may have its triumph over me.  Cover me with your mantle, teach me
the doctrine of God’s Kingdom of His Divine Will and how to live in It, and help me to always give
and live my ‘Fiat’ to His Will as you did.  

Luisa, Little Daughter of the Divine Will, bless me and teach me the truths of the Divine Will that the
Most Holy Trinity and Mary taught to you, operated upon you, and wrote through you.

My Guardian Angel and all of the Heavenly Court, protect me from all dangers of my human will
going outside of God’s Divine Will, and assist me in everything, so that the Kingdom of God’s Divine
Will flourishes and majestically reigns within all of my being, that it be a most beautiful eternal
Paradise for the Most Holy Trinity both on earth and in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Nine Choirs of Angels, together with God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Luisa, and the Heavenly Court,
operate with me and all the children of the Divine Will, to love together our Beloved God the Most
Holy Trinity, for all of eternity.

In closing, Most Holy Trinity, You and Your Divine Will, come into me to operate, live, dominate and
reign, in the absolute and eternal Rule, Life and Reign of your Divine Fiat of your 'willed-Will', of and
in your Divine Will and Volition, with Its reigning divine Sun, to love You and give You all of You
and your own.  Mary, Luisa, come to operate and live in the Divine Will, to love Them and make
Their Will be fulfilled.

In Your Divine Will, Most Holy Trinity, we love You, thank You, and give You all of your own.

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© 2006  Divine Will of God, Inc.