Calling the Divine Will into Your Acts

God is calling you to fulfill your DUTY as His child, His creature, by making His love yours and putting it in everything He did for us and offer it to
Him in His Will.

Consecrate yourself to God's Divine Will
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In the morning, upon waking, greet God and His Divine Will, fuse yourself in
Both and absorb Both into you.  Make a general intention: Put all of your acts that
you will do that day, both natural and exterior, into the Divine Will, calling God and
His Will to do all of them in you.  With your intention, unite them to Jesus’ acts that
He did in his humanity and Divinity while He was on the earth at the time of the
Redemption, because Jesus did every act that we should do and offered them to
the Eternal Father in our name.  Say,
“Come, Divine Will, and _____________  
in me”
, and fill in the blank with your acts beginning with a general intention such
as: ‘do everything in me today’.  You should also fill in the blank with more specific
acts like: “think in my thinking, speak in my speaking, walk in my walking," etc.,
include 'do all of my natural acts in me today and always.”. And then throughout
your day, to ensure your acts are done in the Divine Will, repeat your calling the
Divine Will as you are about to do your acts or while you are doing them, such as:
“Come, Divine Will, and eat in my eating”, "drive in my driving", "clean in my
cleaning", etc.  And even more, discover what God can do in you in His Will: Say:
"Come, Divine Will and clean in my cleaning, and clean my soul and all of my
being, and all of my acts in the Divine Will."  Go further.  "And clean all souls and
acts in the Divine Will."  Discover what God can do in your simple acts!  

Throughout the day, try to remember to call the Divine Will into you to act in you
in your various acts.  Just make sure that what you’re about to do, are doing, is
God’s Will, because calling the Divine Will into an act that isn’t God’s Will is wrong
and an illusion, because God won’t come into you to do the act unless the act you’
re about to do IS God’s Will.  Don’t think you’ll sanctify an act by calling God’s Will
into you to do it when its not God’s Will to do the act in the first place!  It doesn’t
matter how holy your intentions may be, if the act isn’t God’s Will, your act will
never be divine.

Furthermore, God wants us to recognize and thank Him for everything He has
done for us, namely, in the Creation, in the Redemption, and in the Sanctification
of man.  We can do this by telling Him we love Him with His own love and then
taking that ‘I love You’ and put it in all of creation, in all of the Redemption, and in
the Sanctification of man - including the Kingdom of the Divine Will, detail by
detail, because that’s how He did everything for us - detail by detail with such an
immense divine love that would kill us instantly of love if we entered into the full
knowledge of it.
Divine Will of God
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Read this section from Volume 18 and hear from Jesus Christ himself of his and the Blessed Virgin Mary's operating in the
Divine Will
, and his invitation to us to do so.  

Vol. 18
August 9, 1925

(Luisa speaking): …my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, said to me:

"My daughter, you must know that this manner of praying, that is, of reciprocating God in love for all the things created
by Him, is a
divine right and enters into the first duty of the creature.  Creation was made for love of man; what’s more,
Our love was so great, that had it been necessary, We would have created as many skies, as many suns, stars, seas,
earths, plants and all the rest, for as many creatures were going to come to the light of this world (be born), so that each
one have a creation for herself, a universe of her own, like in fact, when all was created, only Adam was the spectator of
all the created. He could enjoy all the good that he wanted.  And if We did not do so, it was because man could enjoy
everything the same, as if it were his own, even though the others enjoy of it.  In fact, who cannot say, ‘the sun is mine’,
and enjoy the light of the sun as much as he wants of it?  Or, ‘the water is mine’, and quench his thirst, and make use of
it where he needs it?  Or, ‘the sea, the earth, the fire, the air, are my things’?  And so on with many other things created
by Me?  And if in something it seems that man is lacking, that life is difficult, it is sin, which, barring the step to my
benefits, impedes things created by Me from being abundant towards the ungrateful creature.

So, given all this, that in all created things God bound His love toward each creature, in her entered
the duty to
reciprocate God’s love with her little love, with her gratitude, with her ‘thank You’ to the One who had created so much
for her
.  This not reciprocating God’s love for all that He has made in creation for man, is the first [act of] fraud that the
creature does to God; it is to usurp His gifts without even recognizing them, where they come from, and the One who
has loved her so much.  Therefore, it is the first duty of the creature, and this duty is so indispensable and important,
that She who took to heart all of Our glory, Our defense, Our interests,
did nothing other than go around through all the
spheres, from the smallest to the greatest thing created by God, to imprint her exchange of love, of glory, of
thanksgiving for all and in the name of all human generations
.  Ah! yes, it was precisely my Celestial Mamma who filled
skies and earth of the reciprocation for everything that God had done in creation.  After her, it was my Humanity that
this duty so sacrosanct, to which the creature had so very much lacked, and that propitiated my Father toward
guilty man. So it was my prayers and those of my inseparable Mama.  Don’t you want, then, to repeat my same prayers?  
What’s more,
for this I have called you into my Will, so that you associate yourself with Us, and follow and repeat our
“The whole foundation, the base, the substance, the origin of the goods in the creature, depends on how many acts
she has done of my Will, on how much she knows about It.  So that, if in all of her acts she has made my Volition enter,
she can say: ‘Everything is holy, everything is pure and divine in me’; We can give her everything, even Our Life into
her power.”
  Vol. 33   June 6, 1935