what is impossible for man, is possible for God.
Everything we do is extremely important in God’s eyes because before the creation of the world, God designed in Himself everything we are supposed to
do, and what we do is supposed to have life only from God’s Divine Will.  As stated in the Know Your Origin page, we have a royal, divine origin.  But
because God gave us a human will with the freedom to determine for ourselves that God’s Will is always best, what we do has the possibility of containing
from an infinite divine value to an abyss of evils.  So our life is comprised of numerous acts that should all have divine value.  

In the eyes of God, an act includes our uncontrolled natural bodily movements such as a single heartbeat, a breadth, to a controlled act such as a single
step we take.  A blink of an eye, the flowing of our blood, the movement in our cells, a word we speak, a thought, a movement of any part of our body, our
driving a car, our bathing, our cleaning and putting a room in order, our cooking, sitting, sleeping, waking, eating, etc…are all acts and may contain various
acts in themselves.

Therefore, each act is very important in God’s eyes, and we will be responsible for every act we do.  Before God created us, He did in Himself every act
that we must do, and when He created creation, He put forth outside of Himself all these acts for man to do, and He expected us to fulfill what He designed.  
God has full rights over our acts and is justly very jealous of them!  Even more beautiful, He designed these acts to have life from His Divine
Will, which is supposed to be housed and reigning in our human will.  This means that our human will is not supposed to have any life of its own, rather all
of its life is to come from God’s Divine Will. Therefore, one is supposed to not only embrace God’s Divine Will as his own (this is doing God’s Will), not
wanting anything other than God’s Will in everything, but also and of great importance God’s Will is supposed to actually do that act
in the person with the
human will allowing It to act and reign (this is doing God’s Will
IN God's Will), thus the act results to be divine, not human, because it was God’s Will that did
that act in him, even though the human will participated through its oneness to God’s Will, the Divine Will reigned in and over the human will and the act.
This is like a fusion, the human will fused into the Divine Will, where the two wills, while remaining two, become ONE SOLE WILL, like a marriage.

Sadly, because since the fall of Adam and Eve into sin and so many sins by people after that, a person has not always done this, and his acts take on
different forms.  As a result, the acts of a person can be
human, demonic, or divine. What is the difference between a human act, a demonic act, and a
divine act?  The answer is in the
will that did the act.  The nature of the will determines the nature of the act.  A human act done by a person is an act
done with a person’s human will reigning in his act and not done against God’s Will, but neither done IN God’s Will, meaning, God’s Will didn’t come into
that person to do that act.  That person may be doing God’s Will in that act, but he does it with his own human will reigning in him.  Thus that act, even
though it wasn’t against God’s Will, has very little value before God because the will that did it, a human will, is limited and finite, thus giving God little glory.  
demonic act done by a person is an act done with a person’s human will putting itself against God’s Divine Will, converting the person interiorly into a
demon in that act.  Thus demons are not just fallen angels, but many are fallen humans too.  Such an act can be forgivable, see the next paragraph.  A
divine act done by a person is an act that is done with a person’s human will one with and IN God’s Divine Will, meaning, that person not only does God’s
Will in that act but also God’s Will comes
into that person to do that act.  But God’s Will needs a place to deposit Itself where It can operate from; that place
is in the human will. And in order for His Will to enter into the human will, the human will must first empty itself so as to make a space for It.  The person
does this by calling the Divine Will into him to reign in and over his human will, and he frequently renews the calling of the Divine Will into him throughout
the day to do an act.  This forms the void, the space where to put It.  Thus, the reigning will in that act is the Divine Will, not the human will, making the act
a divine act, not a human act.

While a person is inside the Divine Will, his acts are divine.  However, because humans are peccable until and including in their last act, some will let their
human will act without the Divine Will in them, and some will actually put their human will against God’s Divine Will, thus going out of God’s Will again.  But
generally, depending on the gravity of the sin and God’s Will, by an act of repentance and an act of love to God, and calling God’s Will within himself again,
the person can return into the Divine Will again.

Therefore, the Living in the Divine Will does NOT mean you are impeccable.  Even Mary stated she was terrified all of her life of doing her human will
because she knew she was in the same state as Adam and Eve and could easily do her human will.  Jesus Christ stated in a Divine Will Volume that some
children of the Divine Will will sin so gravely by actually going against God’s Divine Will and killing His opera/work, His message, His mission in other
children of the Divine Will, which will cause Him incalculable difficulties and may cause His Will never to be completely fulfilled.

Furthermore, you must know that an act produces an act of the same.  This is true for all acts: human, demonic, and divine.  Thus an act of love generates
an act of love, an act of forgiveness generates an act of the same, etc.

So be attentive and discern well; take responsibility for your acts.  Do not repeat an act done by another child of the Divine Will just because you think that
that person can’t sin because of his/her holiness and therefore his acts must be divine.  First investigate to see if the act was God’s Will or not.  
Furthermore, you should know the content of the original act to its depths (as much as possible).  Don’t end up repeating the exterior part of an act that
was presented to you without knowing the above, or else the content of your repeated act may be shallow and not similar at all to the content of the original
act, and therefore the repeated act is a totally different act that really doesn’t even repeat the original act, or what’s worse, that act may not even be God’s
Will!  And don’t depend on what another child of the Divine Will explains to you about the act.  There are many factors involved. Its best to have God and
Mary educate you as much as possible about God and His Will through the Divine Will Volumes, the Bible, the doctrine of the Church, and by meditating on
creation, so that you may have holy discernment of what is God’s Will and what isn’t and be aware of other factors involved in an act done by another child
of the Divine Will that may have effected the trueness and value of the act.

The Greatness of an Act done in the Divine Will

An act done in the Divine Will is infinitely immense, and as far greater than an act that was done with a reigning human will as the sky is distant from the
earth, because the Divine Will contains an infinite divine value since It contains God’s Divine Life, His generative power, and all of His attributes.  
Furthermore, when the Divine Will does any act, It brings with It all acts done in the Divine Will by God and by persons, and uniting with the current Divine
Will act of the creature, forms a new act for God.  Thus when the Divine Will does an act in a person, God receives anew His own Divine Life, the opera He
did in Creation, in the Redemption, and in the Sanctification of man, as well as His own love, His power, His beauty, His glory, His praise, His honor, etc.,
etc. and every person’s acts that were done in the Divine Will, and all of this will always remain before Him to give Him infinite glory.  One act done in the
Divine Will is greater than all good acts done with a reigning human will past, present and future together.

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